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  1. I have a few friends who also got in yesterday. If I had to guess based on the patterns seen from their initial acceptances, I have a feeling the next round will probably come out in 3-4 days! I'm just guessing though, and the GH office literally won't disclose any info about this lol.
  2. Hi I am debating between choosing one of the 2 programs listed above. I'd appreciate feedback on both if possible please!
  3. I asked them when people will start hearing back! here's the reply in case anyone was wondering
  4. Has anyone declined their offer or know someone who has? I don't think waitlist decisions have rolled out yet...
  5. I emailed them asking when waitlisted applicants can start hearing back about whether or not they got in, and the only thing they told me was that people will be notified on a rolling basis -__- I also asked if they can disclose how many people are on the waitlist and she said no lol
  6. Hey Sara, did you apply to Western's MPH or global health?
  7. Does anyone know when the earliest people have started getting off the waitlist?
  8. please keep updating this page if you get off the waitlist!!
  9. haha looks like everyone got placed on a waitlist....yikesssss it's gonna be a long waiting game
  10. apparently people get off the waitlist even in July sometimes....
  11. As far as I know the domestic waitlist has not come out yet @dollar_007
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