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  1. Result: Accepted! Geography: IP GPA: 3.66 MCAT: 515 (130 CARS) Degree: B.Sc (Kin), MBA EC: Boys and Girls club volunteer, fundraising for various charities, food bank drives, student government x2, some prestigious awards, lots of employment with progressive responsibility, worked through both degrees, started a business, leadership role in political organization, leadership roles in med-tech. Also satisfied the rural criteria. Interview: Ok, but not great. I don't think I gave very coherent or polished responses, but I do think I showed them my personality and values, and tried to demonstrate how they align with the school's values. I didn't do much prep for these interviews but did familiarize myself with the MMI format. I have a fair amount of previous interview and public speaking experience so felt as prepared as I could be, although it wasn't my best performance. My approach was to show them my thought processes rather than focus on getting the answer right. Thoughts: So happy and relieved! I felt going in that my application was pretty strong, with the exception of my GPA. My GPA started weak and ended strong which I addressed briefly in my statement. I tried to weave my 5 accomplishments together into a narrative of how I came to know medicine was right for me. Don't know if that helped or not. After the interview I was pretty nervous. Grateful to have this opportunity and I can't wait for classes to begin!
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