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  1. It is pretty dependent on your province, but you most likely would have to complete a second undergraduate degree to have a competitive application in Canada. Unfortunately you need a GPA of about 3.7 at the very minimum to be competitive. That probably goes up to a 3.8 for Ontario residents. Applying with anything under that is a bit of a YOLO (sorry for using that term). Obviously engineering is a very difficult program, so it might not be entirely out of the question if you get the chance to explain your GPA, but getting to the stage at which admissions committees would consider that would be difficult. Sadly a course-based masters doesn't really help you out in Canada all that much GPA-wise. I don't have much knowledge about applying to the US, but possibly look into DO. Although from the little that I've heard, it's almost just as hard getting in as an international applicant as if you were to just apply to Canadian schools. Your MCAT score will make up for your GPA more in the US than Canada. I believe US med schools prioritize shadowing a lot more than Canada, but they might take into consideration how difficult it is to shadow in the Great White North. Your clinical volunteer hours should help you out there.
  2. @GanglionJust remember that we've basically untangled how their ranking system works, and it is very heavily based on your interview performance it seems. You clearly have what it takes to make it to the interview process, which in and of itself is a huge accomplishment! The difference between you being on the good waitlist and the bad waitlist could have been as simple as one of the interviewers feeling off that day. Make sure to practice as much as you can on your interviewing skills, and hopefully we'll all be peers next year If there's anything I've learned from this waitlist, it's that this years class seems filled with incredibly kind and caring individuals. I'm sure there's a number of people who have been accepted that would be glad to help you prepare for interviews when you get one next year, and everyone will be ecstatic when you knock it out of the park!
  3. No, last year they sent offers out on Wednesday and Thursday, then not again until Monday. But they also didn't send any offers until that Wednesday after the OMSAS deadline last year (at least nobody posted about it), so it wasn't that peculiar for us to not hear back on Wednesday this year.
  4. Crunch hasn't been on since earlier this afternoon, I'm really hoping they got an offer too! Congratulations guys!!!!
  5. Can the next people who get accepted do us a favour and take a swing at asking Chantal what the class size is at right now?
  6. It is very possible that the timestamp/GPA is not exactly indicative of your spot on the waitlist, but it seems to be roughly accurate. I'm sure you guys will be hearing from Chantal soon, it's just a matter of time now!
  7. My friend, a whole lot of work went into confirming the theory at Ottawa hahahah. We have absolutely no idea if U of T does the same
  8. You are my favorite person in the world right now, thank you
  9. The question remains whether you have to have accepted your offer, or have just been accepted, though.
  10. Still on the waitlist, are they holding a white coat ceremony this year?
  11. As ridiculous as it is for me to say this considering how much effort I've put in trying to decipher this, remember that it could all be meaningless. It's not over til it's over. I completely get where you're coming from, and I too wish they'd be more transparent. But if there's anything I've learned from applying to medical school, it's that admissions committees hate being transparent. At the end of the day, it's all a freakin lottery anyway when it comes down to who looks at your application and who your interview panel is. At least McMaster is open about it being random this year.
  12. We're starting to become a cargo cult trying to figure out what the hell we have to do to get another airdrop hahahaha
  13. Assuming they use any sort of logic when determining the size of the good waitlist, I feel like it would make more sense to base it off of the past numbers of students who declined (~50%), and double that, rather than just prepare for the near-zero chance of 100% declining. You could be absolutely correct though. @pinkneuron Nobody really knows for sure, that's just my conservative guess based off of how I would logically run the system.
  14. How on earth did you find this, I spent a good 10 minutes looking for it on their website earlier! Thanks for the info, nice to see that the average number off the waitlist seems to be higher than I thought. Looks like it's closer to 90 than 80.
  15. Does anyone have the balls to email Chantal and ask her if she can give us info on how many students were placed on the good waitlist?
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