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  1. I found a 1 bedroom apartment slightly East of the Byward Market on Rideau Street. It's expensive as shit but they allow a 9 month lease, so I end up saving over the course of a year compared to most of the other 1-bedroom places downtown.
  2. @ApplyingMD Did ya ever end up calling them? If you do, maybe just let them know that you haven't received any correspondence from them since ________, and were hoping to verify that your contact information on file is correct since you have seen others mention that they've been receiving e-mails about the class being full. I hope everything turns out
  3. Yeah, you've convinced me. Sounds like I'll be moving to Freedom Private next year.
  4. How much is the Freedom Private area? Might want to look into L'Avantage @med97. Two bedrooms, a five to ten minute walk to RGN for like $2300. I think it's a pretty new building. If you do end up there, lemme know what you think of it Thinking of heading there in second year.
  5. Yeah, I went to an "easier" university that isn't known for its science program in the slightest. Many of my classmates just didn't give the slightest of shits about doing well in their courses. Working as an Instructor's Assistant and marking student work was incredibly eye-opening... like half of the kids barely even did the assignments. I don't know if the courses were that much easier necessarily, but I do think you have more opportunities when half your class couldn't care less. For example, like eight people from my program applied for the NSERC USRA... lol. I've heard that hundreds apply at Western. I never once had a test negatively bell curved... but is that actually a thing at other schools? My more reasonable professors would actually often curve the test upward by removing questions that a majority of the class did poorly on, and show us the graphical distributions of answers to justify it. Generally they would make it so that their adjustments could only make your mark go up or stay the same, not go down. I've told every premed I can that going to a prestigious school isn't worth it if you're trying to apply for medical school. You put in more work for basically no reason. It's unfortunate that these things aren't spoken about more honestly for high school students. Luckily for me, i just kind of stumbled into my university because I liked the campus and it ended up turning out great. In the same breath though, the more prestigious schools generally have better co-op programs. So it does balance it out in some ways if you manage to land a good job. Two of the doctors I have worked for solely hire co-op students from UWaterloo. One of the doctors was across the country in BC, but UWaterloo has that much clout. Like many premeds, both of those jobs I landed through connections. So right off the bat, the answer to your question of whether the system is fair is an astounding no.
  6. If you're down for two bedrooms, check out the L'avantage building right next to the hospital complex if it's within your budget. I think it's like $2100-$2300 a month (for a 2 bd), but it's literally the only building within close-walking distance to RGN as far as I'm aware and it looks incredibly nice. From Google Maps, it looks like it's about a 10 minute walk, only about five of which seem to be outdoors if you cross through The Ottawa Hospital.
  7. Hey, I have spent the past two weeks looking for single apartments in Ottawa. I can tell you now that it's difficult to find a place that seems decent but is also fair-priced, so some input from current students would be really helpful. I am trying to find a building that has parking, which makes it even more difficult and has limited my search quite a bit, so perhaps my experiences won't be reflective of yours. If you're willing to settle on a bachelor, you will open your options up a lot more, but a fair warning that the bachelor apartments are tiny (think like 300-400 sq ft). Your best bet is to look at the major listing websites (Padmapper, Rentcafe, etc) along with Kijiji. Kijiji is useful for finding smaller buildings that aren't listed on the larger sites. Near RGN there are a bunch of apartments on Riverside Drive, about $1300-1400 for a single if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, if you look around online, there are tons of people complaining about bed bug and cockroach infestations. I might sound snobby here, but with the stress of medical school, I'm doing my best to avoid having to live with bugs. There are several apartments in Elmvale that look quite nice and probably have the best ratio of 'luxury':price that I've found among the larger apartment buildings. Downtown, things get pretty expensive. There are a group of apartments near the uOttawa main campus (Lees Avenue), decently priced but again lots of bad reviews and complaints of bugs online. Past that point as you move further downtown, prices seem to sky rocket pretty high. For single apartments you're looking at like $1500-1600 at the minimum. Bachelors I wasn't really paying attention to, but probably around $1300. If you have a car, parking downtown can cost $200/mo in some buildings, it's ridiculous. If you're open to living in a partitioned house, I saw several around the Glebe for not too expensive. No air conditioning unfortunately though, and the places certainly aren't luxurious (old buildings), but you're in a great location. If you aren't picky, it will probably be pretty easy to find a place. For example, here's the first listing that just popped up for what looks like a really nice bachelor's apartment in Sandy Hill for $1150-$1400 a month: https://www.padmapper.com/buildings/p353790/sandy-hill-apartments-353-friel-st-at-353-friel-st-ottawa-on-k1n-7w7#back=%2Fapartments%2Fottawa-on If anyone has any suggestions, please please please let us know!
  8. Offers went out up to June 12th last year (Next Thursday) and there were offers sent out June 6th (Friday). It most likely isn't over yet!!!!!
  10. Just wanted to say, on this Monday of last year, there was another wave of waitlist offers that went out starting at 3.94 GPA. It seems like tomorrow starts at 3.95-3.94 GPA. There was another wave that came out on June 6th last year, where it seems some people were offered out of the second bin (3.99-4.00 GPAs). Hopefully this year will be similar. Don't lose hope yet my friends!
  11. It is pretty dependent on your province, but you most likely would have to complete a second undergraduate degree to have a competitive application in Canada. Unfortunately you need a GPA of about 3.7 at the very minimum to be competitive. That probably goes up to a 3.8 for Ontario residents. Applying with anything under that is a bit of a YOLO (sorry for using that term). Obviously engineering is a very difficult program, so it might not be entirely out of the question if you get the chance to explain your GPA, but getting to the stage at which admissions committees would consider that would be difficult. Sadly a course-based masters doesn't really help you out in Canada all that much GPA-wise. I don't have much knowledge about applying to the US, but possibly look into DO. Although from the little that I've heard, it's almost just as hard getting in as an international applicant as if you were to just apply to Canadian schools. Your MCAT score will make up for your GPA more in the US than Canada. I believe US med schools prioritize shadowing a lot more than Canada, but they might take into consideration how difficult it is to shadow in the Great White North. Your clinical volunteer hours should help you out there.
  12. @GanglionJust remember that we've basically untangled how their ranking system works, and it is very heavily based on your interview performance it seems. You clearly have what it takes to make it to the interview process, which in and of itself is a huge accomplishment! The difference between you being on the good waitlist and the bad waitlist could have been as simple as one of the interviewers feeling off that day. Make sure to practice as much as you can on your interviewing skills, and hopefully we'll all be peers next year If there's anything I've learned from this waitlist, it's that this years class seems filled with incredibly kind and caring individuals. I'm sure there's a number of people who have been accepted that would be glad to help you prepare for interviews when you get one next year, and everyone will be ecstatic when you knock it out of the park!
  13. No, last year they sent offers out on Wednesday and Thursday, then not again until Monday. But they also didn't send any offers until that Wednesday after the OMSAS deadline last year (at least nobody posted about it), so it wasn't that peculiar for us to not hear back on Wednesday this year.
  14. Crunch hasn't been on since earlier this afternoon, I'm really hoping they got an offer too! Congratulations guys!!!!
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