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  1. I totally agree with this!! Students with multiple offers might choose other schools due to personal preference, as they do each year, but I doubt a substantial number of people would turn down a top ranked school due to a system which although seemingly unfair, doesn’t really betray the integrity of the program as much as is being expressed. At the end of the day everyone who was invited to an interview is extremely well rounded and any one of them would make an excellent doctor. Call me cynical but I’m also taking some of the “negative posts” about Mac with a grain of salt, as I’ve heard rumours that some people making these posts are actually on the wait list and are hoping that by fuelling the fire the list will move faster. Again these are just rumours and I don’t know if they’re true, and I’m not saying that people who have chosen other schools or have disagreed with Mac’s process are in this situation, but during these times I’m just taking everything with a grain of salt and trying to relax as much as I can! The wait 100% sucks but hopefully everyone will start hearing some good news soon
  2. I know a handful of people who have. It seems they were sent around 7:51 although I may be wrong
  3. Stream (EN/FR): ENTime You Received E-mail: 7:47"Created" Time: 7:46:5x ("good" wait list)wGPA: 3.92 (rounded) Good luck! Wishing everyone the best
  4. Does anyone know how many people are typically on the “good” wait list
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