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  1. Wait listed and wished that they offered rank details like previous years. It’s honestly such an awful feeling! People said congratulations to me, and I was a bit floored lol. I guess it’s a matter of perception!
  2. I do think that it’s more of a rolling process like they mentioned in the email. Perhaps, every few days after someone declines, another person is offered a spot type of situation. I wonder how many international offers went out that are possibly affected with the border closures, or how covid will play into how many actually accept their offers... hmmm... Lots of moving parts to consider this year! Good luck!
  3. Hopefully we hear something sooner rather than later! It’s been a very long process.
  4. I’m wait listed as well. Seems very daunting.
  5. Hi! Got my waitlisted email this morning. A 52 person long wait list! That’s a lot of people...
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