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  1. I'll 2nd the luck thing. In this process all you can really do is your best in each individual component of the application. The rest is out of your hands unfortunately.
  2. No, the max they will accept outright is 2. But theoretically, if one of those 2 accepts another school and someone from the SAI is on the waitlist, I would assume the waitlisted SAI applicant would take the dropped SAI's applicants spot. From the people I saw apply to SAI, they ended up on the regular waitlist with everyone else though. Probably both the SAI people that were initially offered this year accepted their spots. You could always email the adcoms and see what they say!
  3. My interpretation is yes, if you weren't strong enough to get 1 of the 2 seats from the interview, you will be considered for regular stream. If for example, 2 other people that applied to SAI preformed better than you in the interview, you will be reviewed through the regular pool and/or placed on the regular waitlist with no special considerations (unless someone from the SAI drops out/doesn't accept the offer then maybe you will be offered first). This is how I saw things work on the waitlist this year.
  4. If anyone gets in after the email of death please still feel free to still post it here! We will be sad that we are not you but we would still be grateful to know Before anyone comes after me for having false hope, just please don't lol. Odds are 1-2 people will get in so let's keep the platform open and supportive to them regardless of how we feel.
  5. From their website, the 3.8 as a competitive benchmark is cited as being based on what they have seen from recent admissions cycles (which had the 4 FCE wGPAs) Because they are trying to deflate grades, the new competitive benchmark they publish will probably be less than 3.8 next year is my guess
  6. Damn. There's usually like a week long lag for them to upload these
  7. The non-linearity of some but not all of the offers is still confusing to me
  8. @TrustTheProcess21 Did Chantal ever get back to your email?
  9. One day at a time, not over until it's over
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