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  1. To add to what other people have said, it is very school-dependent. For example, U of T seems to value research quite a lot, while McMaster wouldn't consider it at all (they only look at GPA, CARS, and CASPer)
  2. Do you have a source on that? Which specifies net and not gross earnings
  3. Do you mean billing 1M+? If you think derms can "easily" take home 7 figures after overhead working 40 hours, you are incorrect
  4. I've noticed a trend of you being extremely hostile in these threads. In fact, you accused me of propagating lies and speaking about things I don't know about in a thread about how Western utilizes GPA - until another user confirmed my story. We're all pre-meds, med students, or residents/physicians just trying to find some support, information, and advice in these threads. We're all on the same team here. I really think you should work on using them for their intended purpose rather than immediately becoming combative
  5. Just gonna give this a boost in case anyone knows of any recommendations
  6. It's still unclear (to me at least) what exactly this means. Let's say 100 students are re-applying next year with guaranteed interviews. Does the number of students receiving interviews immediately jump from 550 to 650? Or will they pick 550 students, and then add those who were guaranteed interviews. So let's say 30 guaranteed interviewees were not in the 550, then the number would jump to 580. The way it's phrased kind of makes it sound like the former, but it's not 100% clear and that option makes much less sense to me
  7. Hello! Are people planning to do online versions of these courses, and if so which ones? I am very busy with work currently, and am hoping for one that would not be too time-intensive and would still be accepted by Western. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated
  8. No need to sad react, plenty of people have gotten into both Mac and Western with GPAs below 3.8
  9. As far as my understanding goes you would have the best shot at Western, which has cutoffs at 3.70, and at McMaster as long as you killed CARS and CASPer since they are weighed equally with GPA. U of T and Ottawa would be less likely, and I can't speak to Queen's or NOSM since I don't know as much about their admissions process
  10. In a class of 170, yes. That doesn't change the fact the mean GPA is 3.91, and nothing I am saying is incorrect. It's not meant to be an insult at all - clearly other parts of your application were particularly impressive! Keep in mind you called me "fake news" and then someone confirmed that admissions told them the same thing..
  11. @offmychestplease Can you please apologize for accusing me of "propagating lies" and "saying things I don't know about"?
  12. Sorry, I will clarify that I am not sure at which phase, whether pre or post interview, GPA is looked at more closely. But I was told it is looked at beyond cutoffs
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