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  1. I think it's completely unacceptable. Virtual learning in a pandemic is perfectly understandable, but why on earth would they tell us to live in the city we are learning in? If every single aspect of learning will be virtual? There goes 10k for the year for literally no reason, thanks Western..
  2. There isn't (in Ontario at least). As long as you apply by the due date there is no advantage to applying early
  3. I think that some pre-meds are so focused on getting in, that they look at things through the lens of "is this fair to me as an applicant?", which is understandable. But the admissions committees have to consider more than just fairness for the applicants - they are deciding who become the physicians in our communities. That's a tremendously important task. The lack of black and Indigenous physicians in our society is an issue that needs to be addressed so that different demographics can feel represented by the medical community and be properly advocated for. Does this put students who cannot apply through these streams at a disadvantage? Maybe, depending on whether you think the "advantage" of these streams outweighs the disadvantages that certain minorities face throughout other aspects of the process. But creating a more equitable healthcare system is in the greater interest of our society more so than having as fair an admissions process as possible, in my opinion. Even though some people going through the admissions process could be negatively affected, and that is a legitimate concern for a pre-med who is grinding their butt off to get in For the record, I was just admitted this cycle and would have had the same response a few months ago
  4. My experience doesn't really line up with that - I interviewed at Ottawa and was ultimately "good-waitlisted" but accepted a different offer. My ABS consisted of a bunch of activities, but none I had a super intense commitment to (definitely not close to 10-15 hours per week). I worked in research the past year after graduating, but that was a full-time job and not an extracurricular/volunteering
  5. To add to what other people have said, it is very school-dependent. For example, U of T seems to value research quite a lot, while McMaster wouldn't consider it at all (they only look at GPA, CARS, and CASPer)
  6. Do you have a source on that? Which specifies net and not gross earnings
  7. Do you mean billing 1M+? If you think derms can "easily" take home 7 figures after overhead working 40 hours, you are incorrect
  8. I've noticed a trend of you being extremely hostile in these threads. In fact, you accused me of propagating lies and speaking about things I don't know about in a thread about how Western utilizes GPA - until another user confirmed my story. We're all pre-meds, med students, or residents/physicians just trying to find some support, information, and advice in these threads. We're all on the same team here. I really think you should work on using them for their intended purpose rather than immediately becoming combative
  9. Just gonna give this a boost in case anyone knows of any recommendations
  10. It's still unclear (to me at least) what exactly this means. Let's say 100 students are re-applying next year with guaranteed interviews. Does the number of students receiving interviews immediately jump from 550 to 650? Or will they pick 550 students, and then add those who were guaranteed interviews. So let's say 30 guaranteed interviewees were not in the 550, then the number would jump to 580. The way it's phrased kind of makes it sound like the former, but it's not 100% clear and that option makes much less sense to me
  11. Hello! Are people planning to do online versions of these courses, and if so which ones? I am very busy with work currently, and am hoping for one that would not be too time-intensive and would still be accepted by Western. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated
  12. No need to sad react, plenty of people have gotten into both Mac and Western with GPAs below 3.8
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