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  1. No answer to your question specifically, but I think it's a matter of when (not if) radiologist pay is going to undergo significant claw backs -- and that's true across the country. The wheels are already in motion in some jurisdictions, and I don't doubt other provinces are waiting for their opportunity to start the process.
  2. liszt

    MedStudents TV Show

    Funny, I was thinking of the show fairly recently. I remember watching it -- marathon-style -- on Life Network back in the day. I actually looked for it, and it's not airing or streaming anywhere. You could consider emailing the production company if you want to pursue further.
  3. In that case you should do all them all, including step 3, so you are eligible for an H1B visa.
  4. liszt

    Unfilled carms spots

    Not sure if you've all come across this already http://healthydebate.ca/2018/03/topic/medical-students-carms Interesting activity in comment section... one of the most active posters is the mother of an IMG so not the side we hear much here
  5. You can also find groups of GPs in larger centres who have a portion of their FTEs dedicated to medical oversight of smaller/rural sites.
  6. Depends who you ask, and where they're from. GP is alive and well out west, but it sounds like not so much in Ontario (based on what Cain has said). I've even heard from recent AP trainees that, if they could go back, they would have done GP because of how marketable it is.
  7. Job postings are scattered around. But as iostream says the CAP-ACP provides one of the more comprehensive and up-to-date snapshots for Canadian path. Also agree that word-of-mouth is important, as often positions are not widely advertised.
  8. liszt

    Canadian Hospitals

    Ah, should have kept my mouth shut
  9. liszt

    Canadian Hospitals

    Major hospitals are typically constant works-in-progress -- with new wings/towers going up over time. I don't know of any major university hospitals that have had recent "ribbon cuttings" for the whole institution, but many (probably all?) have had new bits and pieces open in the last decade.
  10. Odd. Two weeks is a very short application window as well... could this be strategic?
  11. I familiarized myself with it during that long, painful wait between my RC exam and result release
  12. Three attempts doesn't mean a complete do-over of residency. From the Royal College, Policies and Procedures for Certification document, No denying this is a terrible situation. If his training was inadequate, whatever the reason, it makes sense to undertake more training... I wonder if this could be pursued (not necessarily at the same institution)?
  13. Currently true of HP in Canada as well (especially FRCPC-HP, imo). As Cain says, the market can change...it's impossible to predict - and that goes for any specialty. For HP in Canada the jobs seem to come in waves - one year, it might be tight for those finishing, and then the next year it's a bonanza. That's the nature of a small field, but the overall trend has been very good. I know several individuals who have gone this route (GIM->adult or peds heme -> HP), and only one of them i know practices in both disciplines. This route is only possible in Canada - in the US, they would need to go back and do [at least] CP before undertaking an HP fellowship. Though I do think the hematology training provides a nice perspective for HP practice, when I've discussed the trajectory with those who've done it, they've generally said they would've have done direct entry HP if they'd known about it; they learned about it/fell in love with it during their fellowship rotations. If you know you want to do HP, I wouldn't go the clinical route to have a backup job option...it's a really long process...with three Royal College exams... and the hematology job market is much worse than HP.
  14. liszt

    pathology competitive

    What setting do you want to work in? GPs are very much in demand at community hospitals and locations outside of major cities. Not all academic centres hire GP (mine does, as it has a program and also sees a lot of value in the GP skillset), so depending on who/where you were asking, the person you were talking to may not see the opportunities. Keep an eye on the CAP-ACP careers section for an idea of current demand. To the OP, please do not ask about how the program is ranking you. I can't see that going over well.