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  1. I recently paid my tuition deposit and it has yet to show up as the $-1000 on my student account. Should I contact the registrars office or does it typically take a few days? I'm just worried if it doesn't show up by my deadline.
  2. Just got accepted off HWL (call at 4:03) to windsor campus!
  3. Result: Accepted (delayed post) GPA: 95% DAT: 27 RC/ 22 AA / 18 PAT ABS: Research (no pubs), sports and volunteering all long term >1000 hours. No shadowing Interview: Felt good, I seemed to be using similar ideas to answer every question. Timers were very interesting haha. Will be declining! Good luck to everyone on the waitlist! Feel free to DM if you have any questions
  4. Result: High Waitlist (Unspecified campus) Timestamp: 9:04 AM 2-year GPA: 3.93 MCAT: 130/127/129 Interview: In person, felt great coming out of it then immediately felt terrible about everything i said. Year: Gap year Geography: Non-SWOMEN
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