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  1. Likely close to over. The person from Monday could also be a troll.
  2. Guys are we assuming the class is full since no ones heard back today/ yesterday?
  3. What is your email creation time??? @newmy88 can add you to the queue
  4. I personally think that the english waitlist situation was an exception/ outlier type of thing. Definitely not the norm. I'd expect French WL movement on Wednesday for sure
  5. I don't think you should lose hope! Not until we start seeing some WL offers that is! You got this!
  6. Hey! On outlook, click the 3 dots at the top right corner, click view --> view message details, then control f 11, and the earliest time you see would be your creation time. (It says 11 because of time zone differences. In actuality, it's 7 something!)
  7. I agree with you on this one, this seems much more plausible
  8. Guys I was just thinking about this, so give me your thoughts: Our interview invites were sent out at different times, within a 2 hours interval. I don't think that we were somehow ranked pre interview, in that certain people were getting offers emailed earlier bc they were stronger candidates..? It must have been randomized. I also dont think their system could handle sending out that many invites at one time. Can't it be the case here with the waitlist? It was totally randomized? Maybe by OMSAS # or things like that?
  9. Do you guys think we could call and find out how many ppl got good vs bad waitlisted? Would they release that information?
  10. Stream (EN/FR): EN (IP and Bilingual)Time You Received E-mail: 7:46 AM"Created" Time: ~7:46wGPA: 3.95
  11. Hmm. Also, does anyone know how many people are usually left on the good waitlist with no offers by the end of the cycle?
  12. Hey guys, Just made a new account so I could post. I had two questions: 1) How confident are we that the timestamps actually correlate to waitlist spots? I skimmed over previous waitlist threads and saw a couple of individuals claiming that it was irrelevant. 2) Do we know how many people are waitlisted? I know around 80 will get accepted, Thanks guys, may the luck be with us
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