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  1. Hi ! I'm torn between two programs at McGill (nutrition and OT) for Fall 2020 and I was wondering if anyone that is currently in the OT program at McGill or knows any details about it could reply and give me details about it. I do have some volunteering experience in hospitals but I haven't had the chance to shadow an OT. I have been looking through forums in the hopes to find more information about the program but couldn't find any valuable details. Thank you in advance to anyone that takes the time to respond !
  2. Hi ! I am from quebec and I'm interested in the OT program at McGill. I did some research on occupational therapy, but I'm still unsure if it's suited to my personality. I am passionate about sciences and anything that has to do with taking care of the physical and mental state of people. Does anyone know people in this program and do you have any advice for me ? Thank you !
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