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  1. I just declined my acceptance to McMaster OT - I hope that helps someone on the waitlist!
  2. Hi, everyone - I'm looking for some wisdom about OT programs. I am in the waitlist/accepted/pending decision boat for the OT programs for these 4 schools: UBC, U of Alberta, McMaster, Dalhousie Do you have wisdom about student satisfaction in any of these programs or schools? I have some knowledge, but each is so different, especially in location, and so it would be really helpful to have any extra information you could share.
  3. That is so exciting!! Oh man. I am hoping that the decisions being released with regards to Ontario schools at the end of the week will continue to move up the waitlist. Thank you for letting me know!
  4. I am also hoping to get into UBC off of the waitlist If anyone knows of movement, let me know! Also, congratulations for getting onto the waitlist. It is an accomplishment and, though, maybe not the exact answer we were looking for, is still a hopeful place to be in
  5. Yes - it's a super complicated time. When I went to the sign-in page to check the status of my application (the Admissions Login), it says the following: Because of this, I believe they will have some grace with receiving documents. I think it will be okay to have them emailed in if accepted/waitlisted, and then have the more official transcripts sent later. That's just my hunch
  6. Hey all - I have a Dal OT question: I am just completing a prerequisite course, but have not received any emails about admissions from Dal OT. I am an OOP applicant. Should we only send transcripts for prerequisites if we have been accepted or are on the waitlist? Or do you think they'd like us to send transcripts of completed courses regardless of whether we have been sent a decision or not? I emailed their department, but wanted to ask here as well, in case some of you already know the answer
  7. Does anyone know if there has been any movement on the UBC OT waitlist?
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