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  1. Hello, Does new wGPA rule apply for 2020 graduates? Or is it only for people who are entering their 4 years and above this year?
  2. Hello Can wGPA be applied to grad applicants if they graduated with full course load in undergrad?
  3. My wgpa for each school: U of t: 3.90 (gonna drop if they don't count the winter term) Western: 3.80 Queen's: 3.84 (if not counting winter term then 3.80) McMaster: 3.68 So I don't know if I should take a fifth year (as a continuing student) or take a break to bring up my EC's or do course-based master's. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Is anyone here got accepted with a course-based masters? How does u of t assess course-based masters as opposed to research-based? Thank you.
  5. Hello, So my wgpa (including the winter term) is 3.85 and wgpa (not including the winter term) is 3.80. Do these wgpa meet the cut-off? (I am very stressed right now as some schools are not counting the winter term, my gpa dropped significantly. And I can't even apply for fifth year to boost my gpa because I already applied for graduation before the pandemic). Thank you. Stay safe and healthy!
  6. Hello So since multiple schools are not counting winter term 2020, my gpa dropped significantly (e.g. for western, wGPA dropped from 3.88 to 3.80). If u of t and other schools decide not to count the winter term, my gpa wont be competitive. I am graduating this year so I can't take a fifth year to boost my gpa (I decided not to take a fifth year because my gpa was not that low). I don't know I should do. Thank you.
  7. Hello, Hope you all are doing well during this difficult time. As some med school decided not to include 2020 winter term marks, my GPA dropped quite significantly. (ex. wGPA: 3.89 dropped to 3.80 for western). I know western doesn't assess GPA competitively (as long as you meet the cut-off) but this is not the case for every med school. If uoft and other universities decide not to include the winter term in GPA calculation, I will be in below competitive section. This significant drop in GPA is due to my unbalanced course load for this year. I had to take 15 units thesis course (full year) to graduate (so the mark is shown in the second term). Also, 3 of my mandatory courses were only offered in the second term. Thus, there are only 2 courses in the first term and 8 courses in the second term. (This is why my GPA will drop significantly if the schools exclude the winter term marks). I don't know what I should do as I am graduating this year (already applied for graduation) and it is too late to apply for 5th year. Maybe I could apply for Master's but I don't want to apply for it just to get into med school. Thank you and be safe and healthy.
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