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  1. I have volunteer position which I am thinking about splitting into 2 entries on the non-academic section of the application. The reason I am considering this is because my roles during pre-covid and during covid were completely different. What are your thoughts on this? Would it be okay for me to do this? Would I need 2 different verifies or can I use the same one for both entries?
  2. Hello, I am confused as to whether I meet the requirement of "full time". At my University, classes can range from 3-5 credits. 3 credits if there is not lab attached with the class and 4-5 credits if there is a lab attached with a class. The labs themselves are pretty much a course on their own as they are 3 hours long every week with their own final exams. I am not sure if other schools are like this which is why I am writing this. I have written down the number of classes and credits for each semester. Please let me know if I meet the requirement to apply. I greatly appreciate your help. Year 1 Fall: 3 classes, 13 credits | Winter: 4 classes, 15 credits | Summer: 2 classes, 8 credits Year 2 Fall: 4 classes, 15 credits | Winter: 4 classes, 12 credits | Summer: 1 class, 4 credits Year 3 Fall: 5 classes, 17 credits | Winter: 3 classes, 12 credits Year 4: Fall: 4 classes, 14 credits | Winter: 5 classes, 16 credits (one class was 3 credits and was just pass or fail) Year 5: Fall: 4 classes, 14 credits | Winter: 3 classes, 11 credits | Summer: 1 class, 4 credits
  3. I got regrets as well however there is a silver lining for me with this years application cycle. I had a below average interview and NAQ score in the 25-50 percentile. I am actually mind boggled at how I am even waitlisted. This really gives me hope for next year. Just gotta bring up my interview and NAQ and bobs your uncle.
  4. Nothing here either. Was one hell of a run but no cigar. I'm with you @JackSprat. I really just want to get this over with and I hope UBC will shorten the waitlist soon so I can just move on. Congrats to everyone one that got accepted!!!! I'm trying to looks at this in the perspective that everything happens for a reason (makes dealing with this a little easier). I finished my undergraduate degree this summer and it looks like I am going to have to kill some time for the next application. Going to try to relax and recover because university has f*cked me up these past 5 years. It going to feel weird not studying but also refreshing. To all those still on the waitlist, it has been a pleasure sharing this ride with you all and I will see you next year, but this time sharing our acceptances. Good luck and god speed!
  5. Is it weird that the blog post says that they will send out another round of offers??? I looked at the past 2 years of blog posts and normally on their fifth round post they do not include that.
  6. Looks like round 4 was sent out today. Nothing here ;(
  7. I have a hard time believing this as well. Sadly, I feel that this is true. This year there seems to be very low waitlist movement (might just be due to people not posting on the forum). Its a hard pill to swallow, but I feel that at this point, only a couple of people (anywhere between 1-5) will get an offer. According to statistics, approximately 35-45 people reject their offers every year. No one knows if UBC over invites or not, so it is tough to speculate if 35-45 people get in off the waitlist every year. Looking at these numbers, I thought a lot of us on the waitlist would have a good chance of receiving an offer, but looking a the lack of posts on this form I may have been wrong. It will be really interesting to look at the class of 2024 statistics when they come out and see how different it is this year in comparison to others. I am curious how COVID-19 affected peoples decisions and the fate of the people on the waitlist. Overall, I feel super frustrated with the lack of information that us "waitlisters" are provided. It's as if UBC is dangling the succulent "fruit of acceptance" in front of us just to torture us. Yet, I like many other still hold on to the hope that UBC will be gracious enough to give it. Over the past 3 weeks, I have kept playing scenarios in my head that I will get an offer, saying to myself that I will get and offer, even dreaming that I got an offer. The constant "what if" feeling still persists, but I have kind of moved on and am looking towards the next cycle. It still stings a little when I think about it, especially since some of my friend got in and I would have loved to be in the same class as them. Hopefully I will be surprised in the next coming weeks, however I am not counting on it. Sorry if this was a long post, but I just wanted to share a bit about how I was feeling.
  8. Agreed! We will never know. Its best to just relax and have confidence in yourself
  9. @ninjabro1995 Do you think the seconds is correlated with the spot on the waitlist?
  10. Does anyone know or do you think that OOP applicants are placed higher (first?) on the waitlist compared to IP applicants? A lot of the people that decline their offers are OOP so rationally I would think that they would have a better chance. Also, this is probably because OOP applicants generally have a stronger application due to the higher cut offs. Also if you had to guess, how many people do you think are waitlisted?
  11. This is my first time applying and I dont know whether to be happy or sad. Ughhhh, I wish there was more clarity for people waitlisted. Waiting is sooo hard!!
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