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  1. I also just got regrets. I've been moping for the past few weeks but I actually do feel really good about my results too. My GPA could be higher at 84.6 but my interview was above average and my NAQ was in the 75-100 percentile. It's a little easier getting regrets now as I just found out that we have our second baby on the way! Congrats to everybody who got in and good luck to those who also got regrets. See you guys next cycle!
  2. Yeah I'm probably being a little pessimistic because I just want it to be done already but I'm latching on to the fact that they didn't mention sending out a next round.
  3. Looks like this was the last round. Congratulations to those who got in! I didn't receive an invite, but I'm glad to have made it to the waitlist, as painful of an experience as it's been. Hopefully they shorten the list and put us out of our misery soon!
  4. Wow, that was fast. Nothing for me. Being endlessly waitlisted is beyond brutal. Just when you're getting over last week's disappointment you get slapped again.
  5. I wasn't expecting invites to go out today! Nothing for me either. Pretty much lost hope for this year.
  6. Apparently round 3 is sent now. Nothing for me. Anyone else?
  7. According to last year's blog posts, the 3rd and subsequent rounds of offers were sent the day after each deadline, so it could definitely be today.
  8. Nothing for me either. I just need someone to post that they got it so I can let it go until next week.
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