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  1. I think it's for people who decline each round of waitlist offers, and also for people who decline their UBC offer after getting in through the waitlist from other schools late in the summer.
  2. I think so too. With the travel restrictions with the US, some of the applicants who were planning to go to US schools may have reconsidered. Also, BC is handling COVID-19 better than Ontario or Québec, which could be influencing some applicants' decisions because most of the top medical schools in Canada are in those two provinces.
  3. Doesn't seem like there were many non-rural IP acceptances today...
  4. I would also assume that some of the OOP waitlisters rank higher than a lot of the regular IP acceptances because of the 10% cap.
  5. 7:58:10 here. My last name is in the latter half of the alphabet and I'm IP.
  6. I use Outlook and I can't get the seconds, lol. Only see 7:58. Perhaps it's alphabetical?
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