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  1. Thats great to hear! Could you elaborate a bit on what was covered in the course so I can try to match it up with UofA courses?
  2. Hello, I was hoping to see if anyone from the university of alberta or anywhere else knows if I still need to take a second biochemistry course or if the courses I have taken fulfill this requirement. Currently I've taken BIOCH 200 which is introductory general biochem, however we dont have a second general biochem class so I'm curious what other course fulfills this requirement. I've also taken BIOL 107 which is introductory cell bio and BIOL 207 which is molecular genetics and heredity. I can also take another cellular biology class in the summer if that would fulfill the prereq. Does anyone know whether these courses are sufficient? I emailed their admissions office but I got a really vague answer. I was also looking to know if anyone has any thoughts on my chances for this cycle: GPA: 3.83 DAT: 23 PAT, 23 RC, 20 AA (I didnt study for science lol), 14 MDT (can't apply to alberta because of this score) I believe my ECs and experiences would be very strong so I'm just worried about my GPA and DAT. Thanks in advance!!
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