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  1. Cannot imagine the toll that takes on someone physically, mentally and emotionally. Suppose it was worth it in the end but geez.
  2. Current resident in ON Was not able to claim my OOP tuition tax credits. Used a professional to file this year. Have not received a clear answer as to whether or not they will be saved or simply lost in the future. Accountants back home seem to think they will be saved, and if I return to work there I will be able to use them. Accounting firm in ON does not believe this is true, feel that I will lose them regardless of where I go. Pretty frustrating, haven't been able to clear it up. I trust my accountants back home more but if anyone has any experience with this would be appreciated.
  3. OP is catching a LOT of heat but some of what they are saying is valid imo For reference: Current third year resident, visible minority. Took me three application cycles to get into medical school. The most biased people I find (GENERALLY) are those who get into a Canadian school their first try. Superiority complex definitely exists. A large majority of my class looked down on IMGs and their peers who had gone abroad. Made me lose faith in the system. During CaRMS they would often say things like "that program is known to take IMG's". The bias sticks with them. The reality of the situation is that the whole system is broken and there is no easy fix. People lie on their applications and get extra non-academic points/fake reference letters. They are impossible to prove as fake. GPAs are highly inflated from smaller universities - I was one of them. My undergrad was relatively easy at a smaller institution (although so was Canadian medical school....60% pass. Maybe I'm just brighter than I realize and would have been OK at a bigger university - who knows). The interview selection and actual interview scoring is also a complete gongshow. I have been involved in pre-interview application review as well as MMI scoring at a major Canadian medical school. During our "teaching" for scoring of applicants there was no consistency whatsoever. Interviewer bias is very real. It is a broken system, without a doubt. Nepotism exists through residency, and jobs after. It really is just life. I am very thankful to have jumped through the hoops to get to where I am and I know that there are people that worked harder than me (and many others!) that never got through the boundaries. To the OP, if you are actually a frustrated applicant, try to persevere. Residency isn't easy and I think that if I hadn't struggled to get into medical school so hard I would not have been able to get through some of my training. I was extremely jaded during my third application cycle but it was necessary for my journey. Hope this post doesn't offend anyone - its a topic I have put a lot of thought into over the years.
  4. Private basement area+bathroom in shared home, living with 2 residents. Ideal for medical students. Very close to UWO/UH. $750/month. PM for more details
  5. I would suggest living close to campus if at all possible! Rooming with other classmates can also be fun. If anyone is interested, my current roommate previously lived with a great landlord (now a resident physician in London) in a private basement while he was a med student. Was located about 5 minutes drive from UWO campus. PM if you'd like more details . Note to mods: If this message is not appropriate please delete.
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