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  1. I was able to register for Summer 2021 this morning too! They must've fixed it
  2. In the exact same boat. Was not able to register for Summer 2021, so I sent an email. Will update if they reply. And yes, they are awfully quiet this year, especially given COVID and a lot of things that have changed.....
  3. Hi McGill MedAmbassadors, Any news on how the Fall 2020 semester will be handled, given McGill is intending on proceeding primarily remotely? How will this affect lectures, small group sessions, clinical activities and on-site orientation?? Thank you!
  4. It is possible to do it while enrolled full-time at McGill for your medical studies, assuming you are doing your master's at McGill as well. Not sure about doing a master's from a different university
  5. I’m in the same boat buddy. Take this as an opportunity to finally learn French, for yourself and your future patients (should you choose to practice in Canada)
  6. woah...was not made aware of this. Do you have a source? I remember them saying they were negotiating more spots, but I didn't know they actually negotiated for 24 more from Outaouais
  7. Also very strange how they made 20 or so waitlist offers in the first two weeks following the first wave of offers....usually the WL goes to ~28 in August (2019 for ex.). Right now its sitting at 28 as of Mid-April
  8. As per the McGill Medicine Admissions website: "We are aware that healthcare providers are not taking appointments and we understand that there may be delays with immunization." (https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/newstudents/conditions/immu-blsc) I anticipate that we should be hearing news soon about the immunization/BCLS requirements given the unprecedented COVID situation in Montreal.
  9. To the upper years: Any indication of when the Facebook group will be made, given the Med Ps got their offers in today? Given the pandemic, there are a lot of changes that have happened since the University cohort's received offers (immunization cancellations, BCLS requirements, Fall 2020 being online), and a FB group could definitely help to clarify things for the incoming class. Thank you!
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