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  1. DATE / HEURE : May 13, 2020 4pmish DÉCISION : Refusé / Accepté / Liste d'attente (rang): Wait list 1/45 Catégorie : Collégien / Universitaire québécois / Etc. Quebec resident University- année prep CRC ou CRU (si connue) : 3.92/ 4.0 GPA B.Sc double major in Nutritional Sciences and Communications from U of T Impressions p/r au Casper : I thought it went well Commentaires: Im really confused as to why I was not admitted directly into Med as I have completed my bachelors in Nutrition. Due to my high waitlist rank, I'm not sure if I should contact UdeM to inquire about this yet as I really really want to get into med this year. Do you guys think that I should contact the school now or wait until I potentially get an offer?
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