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  1. For U of T don't worry about it being "hospital based", all TAs for our Intro MSK and second year Advanced MSK are all private practice clinicians and Toronto has loads of private practices for placement opportunities
  2. As a current PT student I'll share my two cents. I understand why there may be some concerns however the PT curriculum can be very flexible and they will shift learning that can be done through lecture and online modules to the beginning so you are not missing out on in person hands on learning. My school already had a lot of content they were delivering through online modules and interactive online videos that were very effective and well done so I would not worry about the quality of the content being impacted by online learning. On top of this I already know we have discussed returning using a blended model which would have smaller groups going in for hands on and theory being taught online in the fall. In terms of the "hands on" nature of physical therapy yes its very hands on but the whole degree is not in lab, there are many ways they have worked around this as we've been doing online school for roughly 2 months already and its been relatively smooth. If anything as the incoming class you guys have it best, placements will not be impacted and the curriculum will purposely be organized to ensure flexibility where the current students are the ones who will be graduating late and have drastic shifts to the organization of the program. Personally I would not decline an offer just because of this situation, I don't believe the education will be as impacted much as you think it will and you would regret it if you didn't get in again. In terms of the PCE I wouldn't be worried, the schools livelihood relies on ensuring students are properly prepared to pass these exams and one semester of online learning or blended learning should have very minimal impact on your overall knowledge of physiotherapy.
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