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  1. Hey! I also completed a fifth year, but I was going to input my grades as 'Undergrad Year 4' and 'Undergrad Year 5'. Is there a reason you were thinking of inputting your 4th year in the 'Undergrad Year 3' and 5th year in 'Undergrad Year 4'? I believe it should be fine as well! I've seen old posts within the Dalhousie University forum where applicants refer to using their fifth year towards their GPA calculation!
  2. https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/med_dent_admissions/medicine/admission_requirements.html#grade_point_average This site might help you. During your 5th year, 6 of the 10 courses you take would have to be 3rd or 4th year courses. This should open up your chances at UofT, but unfortunately in order to automatically qualify for their weighted GPA, you would've needed to maintain a full course load in every year of your undergraduate studies. If you have extenuating circumstances that prevented you from taking a full course load, you can submit an academic explanation essay as part of your application asking if it'd be possible for them consider applying the weighted GPA. If not, UofT looks at your cumulative GPA, which means that they every course that you've taken in the regular academic year (and now the summer term, if taking a full course load) will count. Hope that helps! Best of luck!
  3. Honestly, if that's how they responded, I think it's definitely worth applying. I was surprised when they emailed my friend saying that the cut-off had already been established. I know they established their cut-offs in advance in previous years, but as they've said, this year is different since it's their first year using a cGPA. For sure, you're right below the 'cut-off'. I know the changes to the GPA calculations are taking away chances for a number of applicants that would have previously qualified with the wGPA. I really do hope they reassess their cut-offs. I understand the importance of consistency, and while I see why there should be some reward for performing consistently well, it's also important to recognize that these applicants would have likely met the cut-off either way regardless of whether they used the wGPA or cGPA. So really, this change is going to impact those that may not have had the best start to their undergrad (for whatever reason) and limit their chances at ever being considered.
  4. It's a little misleading that different responses are being provided to different students. When my friend sent an email in June, they stated that the cGPA cut-off for Ontario residents applying to the English stream is 3.85, not that they anticipate that it will be 3.85 and that it is difficult to predict if any changes will be applied to the minimum cut-offs.
  5. The Signature page that you would have seen when you submitted Part 1 of the application also mentioned that an email will be sent to you within 10 business days of your Part 1 submission, with the earliest being July 6th. So it'll also depend on when you submitted Part 1!
  6. Thanks so much @Maggiie19! I didn't think of just re-starting the application, I might do that as well. Good to know moving forward - I'll be extra careful to not make any mistakes, esp for Section 2. Appreciate your help
  7. Just wondering if anyone knows how to remove an entry for the University/College Section (Checklist item 6 of 10) on their application. I didn't realize I had the University information for my MSc listed, so I entered all the information again. Now its listed twice when I click 'Enter or View another College or Degree'. Thank you in advance for your help!
  8. We cannot answer your policy questions, but we can answer questions related to the activities and sections mentioned in this post. We will also be providing a comprehensive help guide with information about how to complete each section of the application, once it opens. In the interim, you are welcome to review last year’s help guide, to give you a sense of the information we will be looking for (though there will be updates this year, so do not rely on it once the new application system opens). It looks like there will be policy changes. With all the time they're taking, I'm really concerned about what changes they'll implement Really hope they aren't drastic changes that disqualify applicants that previously qualified.
  9. I feel like that would be misleading. I'm thinking the average was based on how each applicant was assessed, whether it was as wGPA or cGPA. So during the initial file screening, they would have determined whether you qualify for the wGPA or will be assessed based on your cGPA. Then based on whichever GPA they decided for each applicant, they would determine the average. If a good number of applicants that were accepted were graduates with lower GPAs (since they only require a 3.0/4.0), the average may have been lower. EDIT: I was mistaken - The stats they posted were raw gpas.
  10. If it's October 2020, it would be after we've already submitted our applications for this cycle since OMSAS applications are usually due on the first/second of October.
  11. Thank you so much @AgentMichaelScarn! Hopefully they do address them before the session ends.
  12. If someone who is watching sees this, could you do me a favour and ask if the Phase 3 Changes are being released this year. Thank you in advance
  13. I think you had to register for the session. I hadn't realized until this morning when I went on to their site to see where it was going to be streamed and saw the link to register https://applymd.utoronto.ca/application-tips 2020 Application Recap Session As we wrap up the current 2020 admissions cycle and plan for the upcoming 2021 admissions cycle, the MD admissions team invites you to join us during our annual Admissions Cycle Recap and Townhall Session on June 23, 2020 from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. EDT to learn more about this current and future admissions cycles and share your feedback. Click here to register for the 2020 Applicant Recap and Townhall Session.
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