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    futuredr_ reacted to mcgillmdbd in What is each med school "known for"?   
    I am very well aware about the differences between undergrad and med culture at U of T, and you don’t need to explain to me the differences between the two. Since you’re an incoming student yourself, I wouldn’t necessarily 100% trust your perspective on the school either. Of course, the upper med students will not tell you that U of T is competitive, they are happy, and I assure you almost every med student is satisfied with their medical school (not just U of T, but likely every other medical school in Canada). 
    When I said U of T is competitive, I didn’t mean that everyone is a gunner or out to get their classmates. Simply put, U of T highly values research and extracurriculars and thus produces competitive students, and this is facilitated by the structure of the curriculum (which I already mentioned and then you tediously elaborated on; I meant it as a good thing). If you look at Carms data, you’ll see more U of T students listing top competitive specialties as their first choice (along with McGill I believe) and yes I’m factoring in the large class size of U of T. This is what I meant by high(er) chances of encountering gunner students at U of T. 
    What also makes U of T more competitive are the giant renown hospitals it runs, and the sheer amount of students, residents, staff and opportunities that come with those. Also keep in my mind that many students from Ontario Med schools eye Toronto for research, networking and residency, making the overall atmosphere more competitive compared to other medical schools. 

    This is not a bad thing, and it’s not a false stereotype I was enforcing in any way. I’m sure U of T med students are kind, and I have known many of them as well. You’re going to have a great time at U of T, and it will be what you make out of it. Chill.
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    futuredr_ reacted to mcgillmdbd in What is each med school "known for"?   
    The gunner mentality itself doesn't hurt your chances, it's just an issue with higher chances of dealing with annoying people like you said lol. U of T would definitely not hurt your chances for competitive residencies. 
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    futuredr_ reacted to Edict in How hard is it to match to U of T as a McGill student?   
    I would aim to spread them around, but certainly if you have enough elective time, I would spend a bit more time in Toronto if that is your first choice. Ultimately, its a trade off and a calculated risk. Whether anything is worth it really depends on how badly you want UofT or not. If your goal is just to match to Ontario and Toronto is a preference but not hugely, probably better off to diversify and vice versa. 
    Certainly UofT doesn't discriminate against McGill, it is treated in the same light as any other Canadian medical school, and given the relative proximity and similarities between the two cities, there may be a tiny possible benefit to being from McGill, but certainly nowhere near the advantage of being from UofT itself. 
    I wouldn't look too much into those match stats because you just don't know how many people from McGill wanted to go to UofT in the first place. 
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    futuredr_ reacted to Galaxsci in Past and Current Ontario students: what factors should we consider when picking a school?   
    Totally agree with what was said above. Regardless of what academy or campus you're at, there will be docs who are involved in the selection process, including the Mississauga hospitals. Most MAM and StG students will do at least one elective downtown, which provides an opportunity to get to know docs who are at a different hospital from the one where you did your core rotation. Yes, downtown students have their core rotation and research opportunities to build connections with the downtown docs, but MAM students still have a large advantage in matching to Toronto over the rest of Canada and tons of students from MAM and other schools match to Toronto.
    Finally, if matching is your concern, there's nothing to be worried about. Toronto's first round match rate this year was slightly over 97% and MAM was in line with the other academies. 
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