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  1. Elle est 65e sur la liste collégienne, et le tableau qui est sorti hier a dit que le dernier candidat qui a reçu une offre avait le rang 61
  2. Salut tout le monde! My friend was expecting to receive an offer for udem’s rumoured 3rd wave today (premed). The yellow triangle in her centre étudiant changed to a blue circle this morning, and it's almost 11PM now but there haven’t been any changes since. How long after a status goes from liste d’attente (yellow triangle) to à l’étude (blue circle) should she expect to get an official letter or a fee to pay in the center étudiant?
  3. Does anyone know how long the waitlist is for med-P this year ? For both campuses
  4. hey does anyone know how fast the waitlist is moving with regards to previous years at this point? just so that i can compare the waitlist movement and see where it might end up? thanks
  5. I also heard that at UdeM there is more clinical exposure and that the premed program prepares you more for med!
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