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  1. Hey Everyone, I hope everyone and their families are doing well during this pandemic! To those who have already applied/been accepted into Dentistry at the University of Manitoba, I have a few questions. After high school, I moved from Toronto to Winnipeg, and now I study at the UofM. I wanted to apply to dentistry, but unfortunately, I am not considered an in province applicant because I must live here for two years prior to applying to dentistry to be considered an in-province applicant, even though I'm living here & taking classes at the UofM. I called them and they mentioned the same thing, I'd be placed in the out of province pool. The out of province pool is definitely very competitive, and I'm just getting worried with my stats of course. Currently, I have taken first year core courses, and will be taking lots this summer: Aiming a core course GPA of 4.33, and an overall admissions GPA of 4.37. My GPA is currently 4.23 and I hopefully will increase it to a 4.37 if all goes well!! I am studying for the DAT and will be writing it of course, this coming November. Anyways, if anyone has gotten accepted into UofM as an out of province applicant, could you share some statistics? Or if anyone knows a little bit about what goes down with the out of province kids, please help haha!! Thank you so much!
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