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  1. Unfortunately no. I don't have an exact breakdown, but the second round of WL offers will be much smaller than the first, and after that its very minimal to no movement as people in the second round of WL offers generally do not have other offers to fall back on. The odd person may get in if someone defers etc, but after tomorrow, its a pretty high chance you will not get off the waitlist (again doesnt mean impossible but being realistic)
  2. asides from anatomy and histo labs (which are roughly once a week), and a few random interprofessional sessions, all lectures in second year are at vgh
  3. It has been said on other posts, and I personally go to UBC so my insight may not be valued, but COVID will be affecting all schools. I recognize there is some concern regarding Mac/Calgary specifically given they are three year programs but your first year is primarily lecture based regardless. By the time you can enter clinical space, there will likely be guidelines set in place so that you can do so, but at a mitigated risk. Honestly, while I know its devastating to have your first year of medical school affected in such a way, COVID is impacting the upper years more as they have not been able to finish their training, elective time slots have been pushed back, and CARMs will now be in February online. First year students, while you will have some changes, will still be able to learn online. Most people choose to skip in person lectures anyway (I know it is nicer when it is a choice and not forced on you, but I am just trying to say that by the end of first year you will not be behind). I know people who have gone to Mac, and they loved the flexibility of their schedule, they had amazing one on one time with preceptors (which cant be said for bigger schools/hospitals), got good exposure to all rotations, and have all matched to what they wanted. As other people have said, having the lottery will not affect you at all. COVID may a bit, but it will affect everyone, and I truly don't think it will make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.
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