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  1. Same thing on my end. Probably just a glitch.
  2. My Student Centre changed, but it doesn’t say the campus location. Is it the same for y’all? Thanks!
  3. I just received my campus specification email as well. Keep your phones on loud friends
  4. Any idea what time emails get sent? edit: just got the London campus!
  5. Efficiently go through a set of prep books and complete discrete questions after you read a chapter. Do as many practice passages / questions as possible. Review them after and understand the rationale behind why each answer choice is incorrect / correct. Do timed practice test from a 3rd party (EK, Kaplan, Altius etc) and then take them up the day after. Review weak a topics and knowledge gaps. Rinse and repeat. Save the AAMC Practice material until ~1 month before your test date. Treat the AAMC material like gold and review their rationale behind incorrect / correct. Review weak areas and gaps in your knowledge. Try to chill the day before your test. Crush MCAT.
  6. The $300 isn’t free btw. You have to meet some criteria to receive that and they all require you to spend $.
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