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  1. Result: Accepted off the Waitlist at 4:17pm Geography: IP AGPA: 3.76 (calculated by UCAN) MCAT: 507 (126 CARS) Degree : BScN EC: Worked in healthcare for a few years and in research doing clinical trials for ~1 year, co-founded a student club, VP in university, residence staff for two years, research with socially vulnerable (4th author only in published paper), did some short-term presentation and volunteering with indigenous people, did other university community wellness projects Interview: (Cohort 1) Felt pretty horrible about it to be honest... completely changed my MMI tactic on my second station and rolled with it. I had big regrets for it afterwards, because I knew I prepped for it in the wrong format. First time interviewing at UofC and can't believe it! I was completely prepared to re-write the MCAT and have another go at it
  2. Yes! Dr. P posted confirming in one of the comments: When the wait list makes its first big move, May 26th It will be mostly by email. As we get deeper into the wait list it usually comes by phone I know.. I'm feeling the nerves too! Hopefully we'll get some good news (fingers crossed!). I've been trying to keep busy the last week and plug in with friends. Good luck everyone!!
  3. Thanks so much for this! It's a ray of sunshine in how I've been feeling today since seeing Dr. P's post
  4. Dr. P just posted today on the blog (see below). It seems like we have a lot more acceptances this year and way fewer declined? I feel my hopes are dashed... Like technically, if the patterns continue and 68% of the rest of the 58 unresponded applicants accept, then that'll leave about 15 spots only for the 148 waitlisted Dear Applicants, We are almost one week from the date when we sent out the initial offer letters. Here are the latest updates: 1. Summary of the numbers: Offers sent out: 170 Waitlisted: 148Accepted: 76 Accepted with deferral: 9 Declined: 27 Decisions pending: 58
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