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  1. It certainly wouldn't be fair if the two negatively impact one another, so that's probably not the case. I have friends who got in both UofT dent & med, and friends who got in both Western dent & med this year!
  2. 100% Agree. It's possible to get in med school from any program (I just graduated from med sci and I'm an incoming med student in September, as are many of my med sci friends) but neither of these are "easy" programs. That being said I did choose UWO over UofT four years ago and have no regrets. Feel free to message if you have any questions about med sci!
  3. Hello! I am an incoming medical student able to provide: -application review (OMSAS autobiographical sketch and more) -application essays help (UofT, Western, Alberta) -Interview prep (panel, MMI, and MPI) -CASPer prep -CARS tutoring About me (happy to provide proof regarding any of my stats): -incoming medical student attending an Ontario med school in September -received interviews at UofT, Western, McMaster, and Alberta -scored 99th percentile on the MCAT (522) I am charging $30/hr, but it is negotiable depending on what services you require. Please reach out if you think I might be able to help you or if you have any questions! Good luck everyone
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