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  1. I received an offer from the OOP waitlist today around 3:45PM (email). I accepted! Good luck to the rest of those waiting
  2. Okay I know of two others who have gotten off the list recently (IP). They must not be using these forums. Cheers lol
  3. do we know if all four people who score in the "71" range got off the list?
  4. Yes I saw someone in the interview group said that they would be declining their OOP offer yet I haven't heard of anyone getting off the OOP waitlist yet. Of course, it could be just that they didn't post about it. I am hoping that it may be that they're waiting the full two weeks to move the list, which would mean someone could hear tomorrow! Who knows, fingers crossed for us!
  5. Has anyone gotten off the OOP waitlist yet? We had two weeks to accept our waitlist positions, so I'm wondering if they are waiting the full two weeks before moving the list along?
  6. Hey! I'm on the IP waitlist with a 70.67 and my essay/supplemental was a 23.67.
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