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  1. Do you guys think they are still working on the Elentra schedule? I am a bit confused when comparing it to the schedule that was just released in the fb group ... where/ when to show up for the first week and how the virtual session will be delivered? Please tell me I'm not the only confused one
  2. Hello! I will be entering my first year of medical school this coming September and I was wondering if anyone could please provide some guidance on entering medical research. Currently, I do not have a preference for which speciality to go into, therefore, I am not sure which research directions to head into. I have done biological research (as a lab technician) previously, and would like to remain involved during med school (because I enjoy research and it's a great add on to my CV). Do first years typically get involved in research? Does anyone have suggestions on how to look into/ decide which labs and professors I should approach ... considering that it has to be a reasonable time commitment (not just a few days) and that I don't know which field I am interested in? Thank you!
  3. I emailed UofO regarding this. The flu shot isn't necessary and the section should be left blank. It will be offered during the season and due mid Nov
  4. Hi! New student here Thanks for the explnation ... but what about electives? I hear people talk about them all the time but not sure what the details are regarding this.
  5. $0 for textbooks? Do most students use online resources or borrow from library ... or not use textbooks at all? Thank you for the clarification in advance
  6. hmmmm I was able to submit my VSC at YRP without it :/
  7. This might be a dumb question ... what is the purpose of the CPRM letter?
  8. Hey guys! Just to confirm ... If I graduated in 2019 I don't need to send the final transcript, since I applied with my final transcript?
  9. Hi everyone! When making a deposit do I use my OMSAS number (at the top of the letter) or the student ID (at the top of the email)? Thank!
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