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  1. Apply to all schools that you are eligible for. I put all my eggs in one basket and only applied to 1 school 3x because other schools had different pre-reqs which I did not have and I also wanted to be closer to my family. After graduating Kin, I did 1 year of upgrading my GPA, worked full time for a while and then went into nursing this past year after getting rejected the second time. I did so well in my nursing courses (and I worked my ass of...studying harder than when I was in kin, sacrificing a lot of my social life), and thought that since I did so well, I'd try to apply once more. Did not think I would get in but I did. It took everything out of me to achieve A's but I was willing to do it. Working and doing a nursing placement in between applications made a huge difference with my confidence in my interview because I could relate a lot to my experiences. It might've taken me longer to get in and I could've given up and just chose my backup career but I didn't. It wasn't easy for me, it took many years of disappointment, uncertainty and frustration. If it's something that you really want, you will be persistence and keep trying. Failing the last 2 times has taught me a lot. Keep in mind that GPA isn't everything, sometimes it's what your references say about you and what you say in your interview that can really positively impact your application. Feel free to msg me if you have questions :).
  2. From my experience, I applied to PT 3x in the past and was unsuccessful and am now pursuing nursing and I actually love it! There is so much you can do in nursing that I never realized. Plus as a registered nurse you can make as much as a PT or more (in Alberta at least). It also depends on the type of lifestyle you want. Nursing applications now have interviews too. I feel more excited for the future as being a nurse than when I was trying for PT.
  3. Congrats!! Did they tell you how long the waitlist was? I'm top half of approx 50 as of a couple days ago.
  4. Hi everyone! Just wondering how much the U of A PT waitlist moves on average? Has anyone gotten off the waitlist and what was your GPA?
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