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  1. Hey guys!! I got off the waitlist yesterday for UBC MPT (VAN) around 3 pm!!! I am so excited!
  2. Yes I got off the waitlist Tuesday morning at 8 am pacific time and had 24 hours to accept. I declined the offer so there is some movement! Good luck :)
  3. Got off the waitlist this morning for U of T PT but will be declining!
  4. hmm I'm not sure that alphabetical order is the case as my last name starts with a D and I didn't get an email till the 21... Guess we will never really know how emails were sent out for the waitlist lol. Good luck!!
  5. @OhBoyyyy @PikaPikaPTChu Can I ask which day you received your email that you were on the waitlist for UBC PT? I received mine on April 21. I have heard others got their waitlist offers on March 31. I think that the day you received your waitlist offer may have some relation to where you are on the list but I could be wrong. The wait is also killing me haha
  6. Hey everyone! Information for future PT applicants for Applied: UBC, U of A, U of T, McMasterAccepted: U of A (was accepted off the waitlist on May 13), U of T (was accepted off the waitlist on June 16), UBC (was accepted off waitlist July 2)Waitlisted: Rejected: McMaster (after interview)GPA: ORPAS= c-gpa=3.79 sgpa= 3.93, UBC- last 30 credits (of upper level courses)= 92%, U of A last 60 credits- 90%= 4.0/4.0 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I have volunteered as a physiotherapy assistant ~ 180 hours throughout my undergrad at UBCO, with special olympic athletes ~30 hours, as a spin instructor at a gym ~ 200 hours. Additionally I have worked (paid employment) as a receptionist at a wellness clinic that has chiro, RMT, Reike, and acupuncture and as a figure skating coach. I think my reference letters were very strong. Both professors I got to know very well through classes and office hours. If I have any advice is to get to know your profs so that they can speak about you as a student, your character, and the things you do in your community. One of my references was from a prof that I did my 499 with (undergrad research assistant). For those that go to UBCO/UBC I found that doing a 499 over a 401 was more beneficial as I was already getting the hands on experience from volunteering in the physio clinic. Additionally, if I did not do a 499 then the section about research on my application would have been blank (I'm not sure how much having research experience impacts your application). It was also a great learning opportunity to be in the lab working on research. My community reference came from the physio clinic that I volunteered at. With that being said a 401 is still an amazing experience too. I studying for the CASPER and MMI's I found that online resources and books were very helpful. Additionally, I practiced a lot for the MMI's in a group with other applicants (just with practice questions we found online). I think my CASPER was fairly strong. I was a little bit nervous for the MMI in Vancouver and feel like I could have answered some of the interview questions better than I did. I also think my CAP exam was pretty solid- I used the whole 2 hours to write the exam and I feel like I was prepared as it was my last "interview" and all the other practice questions I did for the MMI's helped. I feel like my McMaster interview was the weakest for sure. I was my first interview for all the schools and I could have answered those questions better I think. I believe that my essays for UBC were pretty strong just reflecting on personal experiences and how they have impacted my life. UBC is my first choice so I am hoping to get off the waitlist still but I am very happy that I have been accepted to U of A (OOP). Good luck to everyone still on waitlsts or applying again next year I have accepted my UBC offer and rescinded my acceptance to U of A
  7. https://physicaltherapy.med.ubc.ca/prospective-students-2/mpt-admissions/admission-requirements/ Physics: any one-term/half-year 3-credit course of university-level physics or Physics 12 (or out-of-province equivalent Grade 12 physics). We do not require that you complete a lab component. Bio-mechanics will not be accepted to cover this prerequisite.
  8. This is the email I received: "We do not give out specific spots on the waitlist, but I can tell you that you are in the top half of a list with approximately 25 names. Please keep an eye on your email as there will be a deadline to respond to any subsequent offers that we make if spots open up" So I'm not too sure how long the list is!
  9. Hey everyone! Does anyone know if there has been any movement on the UBC MPT waitlist? Thanks in advance
  10. Hey! I'm not sure what the average is for waitlist movement but you can email them and ask where approx you are on the waitlist. They will tell you either top half or bottom half. I got off the waitlist on May 13! My GPA was 4.0 and I am from BC Good luck
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