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  1. Selling my 10th edition Exam Krackers. This will include:-Exam Krackers Complete Study Package 10th edition-101 passages in MCAT verbal reasoning-Prep 101 course texts/notes (included for free)Some practice exams lightly marked in pencil.$150 OBO or trade (seriously, make me an offer)Pickup preferred
  2. Hey everyone. I've spent the better part of the last year lurking on this site (which I found pretty helpful during this process) so I thought it was best to post my details in the spirit of helping future applicants. This was my first year of applying. Result: Accepted to IMP (first choice) Geography: IP no rural application filled Degree: None completed. Current degree in kinesiology with 3-4th year standing; + 14 credits from BFA 2006-2007; + other non-degree related credits and academic upgrading. Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 11:30 AM PST (May 13) GPA: ~94% (This is an approximation without adjustment. A lot of my transcripts were listed with letter grades only) EC's - I was out of school for almost 10 years, so I put everything I could think of on this part of my application. To be honest, most of my non-academic section was very eclectic. It contained things like life modelling (nude for artists), playing dungeons and dragons, crewing on a trans-pacific sailing crossing, hosting my own radio show, and doing burlesque. I had a couple of meditation and mindfulness training experiences (for example a 12 week evening workshop, and a month long immersive course with a week in silence) which I included in this section. I included teaching myself to garden and managing my own perennial garden. I included living in a remote community, and art exhibitions and spoken word performances I did. I dug from experiences that were over a decade old, and I even included things I did in high school. I also had other more traditional stuff like volunteer placements working with individuals with physical disabilities and lab volunteering during my current degree. Sorry if this is a lot of information. I just want to show that people who don't fit the mold (like myself) can include all of our weird and wonderful experiences and (as long as you frame it right), you can still get in Other: 1 poster publication, and 3 jobs included in my work history (not that there haven't been many more) to show a diversity of skill and experience. MCAT: 512 (128 CARS) Interview: It went really well. I did a little meditation beforehand to cultivate joy and strove to be myself as authentically as possible at each station. I entered most rooms with a 'Hi there!' Also, I have a small but visible stick and poke tattoo on my ring finger, and I did not remove my nose piercing, or industrial piercing for my interview. I did make sure my jewelry matched my suit, and was tasteful. I also had my nails done short with gel in a neutral tone (a decision I stressed about pre-interview but felt really happy about because it made my hands look clean and helped me feel professional) On a final interview note. Almost everyone there was wearing black, or dark navy blue. My suit was a brown/grey with wide graph check pattern (reddish-gold brown which matched my natural hair tone). This was another decision I questioned, but I was really glad that I picked a suit that stood out, and that I felt confident in. Best of luck to everyone on the waitlist, everyone applying to other schools, and everyone applying again next year.
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