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  1. For med-p student, if they are accepted into campus Outaouais this year, do they spend the first year in Montreal campus or Outaouais campus?
  2. Did you eventually accept the offer? Do they allow you to stay on both universities for long?
  3. I really really hope you two get in. It is so close. Now it is 18 for Outaouais.
  4. I figure out the problem I got and I will post the solution in case anybody is in the same situation. If you have accepted other program from McGill, you need to write an email to admissions.med@mcgill.ca Put your name and student ID and tell them you want to reject the program you accepted, and accept this offer, then they will get back to you.
  5. Does anybody have problem to accept the offer currently? If you already accepted and paid for the other program from McGill, do you have to cancel that one first?
  6. Does anyone know if you accept the offer for campus Outaouais, can you still stay in the waiting list of campus Montreal? The first choice is Montreal.
  7. So you meant UdeM over offered? Then what's the point to make waiting list 250 long?
  8. Does anybody know if UdeM medicine over offered on May 13th? For example, if they have 150 positions, do they only release 150 offers or they could gave 200 offers? McGill claims they make exactly offers, but I could not find any thing about this in UdeM's site.
  9. Please try not do what Mel96b said. Please consider the people in the waiting list. I know the decision is not easy to make and is very important for you. Both school are very good school. No matter how long it takes, no matter which school you choose, if you are the kind of person who always thinks neighbour's grass is greener, your choice is always wrong. If you are the person who loves whatever you choose, your choice is always right.
  10. I am curious that how many people in the waiting list will get in, roughly. According to last year's data, 289 offers, and 150 positions. Does this mean it went to rank 139 in the waiting list? How could it be possible that so many people refuse the offer?
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