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  1. I phoned the student wellness center, and they were able to provide me with my NSID and student number. They then connected me with the IT department for my password.
  2. Just got an email that they now have a spot at my first choice (Saskatoon) for me, so there's a Regina spot available for someone!
  3. Thank you so much I’ve never happy cried before and I cried this morning, haha And yes, I was first quartile!
  4. I may have gotten your spot! Just got in off the OOP waitlist. It’s moving, guys!
  5. Result: Accepted (Off Waitlist) Site Location: Updated: Saskatoon (1st choice) // Regina (2nd choice) Time Stamp: 25/05/2020 - 8:49 AM PST GPA: 3.76 MCAT Score: 521 Location: OOP (BC) Degree: BSc (Hons) in CS and Bio from McGill Interview: 3 stations felt really good, and one felt quite shaky. Incredibly honoured and excited to have been accepted, and looking forward to meeting you all in August. Congrats to everyone who’s gotten in and best of luck to those on the waitlist Update: They contacted me about a half hour ago to say that a spot at my first choice, Saskatoon, has opened up.
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