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  1. Last year there was 79, and still had some normal waitlist movement.
  2. For the people accepted yesterday, has your OMSAS updated yet? The UWO student Center shows the change but no option to accept through OMSAS. Any idea when that change will happen?
  3. Any other HWL still waiting? I feel like I’m the only one not called.
  4. Last year still had NWL movement despite the overwhelming majority of HWL going Windsor
  5. I assume they are going to continue to contact HWL tomorrow morning?
  6. Same. I went these two weeks confident that HWL will clear, now I’m borderline panic attacking cause I might not make it.
  7. Tomorrow? My understanding was that Waitlist hears same day campus placements are emailed out? Am I wrong?
  8. Last time Western didn’t clear the HWL, they shrunk the HWL... is it possible that they end up not clearing a smaller HWL when every year between that one and now has gone 1/3 or 1/2 into the NWL?
  9. Could they be pulling straight accepted people to Windsor to avoid what happened last year with most/all HWL going Windsor?
  10. What does it mean for waitlist if an unspecified acceptance was put into not their first choice?
  11. Can someone explain to me how the waitlist call works? like I have already accepted my waitlist on the student centre, doesn’t that mean I want the position? So why are they calling? like are they going to call me and ask if I want to admissions or just tell me I got a place? Also, what time do they call? What happens if I miss that call? Will they call again and email? How much time do they give me to decide, if they are asking me?
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