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  1. I will be attending Thunder Bay. I was told when I called today that the list of applicants who want to attend Sudbury campus (my preference) is at least 6-8 people long a.k.a. not to get my hopes up of being able to switch campuses. I was also made aware that there are about 8 applicants that still have to decide on their offers! BEST OF LUCK!
  2. Hi everyone! I thought I would make an account because I have been accepted off of the waitlist today and have been lurking on this forum for a while now. This has been a surreal day for me because this is the fourth time (in five years) I have applied after being rejected 3x post-interviews. I am a non-traditional applicant from the Ottawa area, and thought I would share some stats for those who are also non-traditional: cGPA: 3.9 graduated in 2015 Context score: Grew up in a small town just outside of Ottawa, attended uOttawa for undergrad. Never lived in Northern Ontario. ECs: RN for five years, worked in quality improvement for 3 years, multiple volunteer activities (QI groups, nursing committees, developed and taught sexual health and TB workshops geared towards rural Inuit populations, back-to-work workshops for indigenous populations, assisted with multiple research projects but no pubs, Best Buddies, french classes, Non for profit dance camps, Homeless shelters + multiple others) I know this sounds super cliche, but as someone who has almost given up more than once, all of the struggle (and tears) was all worth it! GOOD LUCK TO ALL <3
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