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  1. Hey guys, Would love some feedback. OOP GPA: 3.85 CARS: 128 When I applied in Manitoba, I was given my CASPER score and I ranked in the first quintile but was waitlisted and did not receive an offer of admission. If those results are replicable, do you guys think I have a shot? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the update and congratulations! Were you just accepted today? Also can anyone confirm how many people there are per tier?
  3. Congratulations!!! Did you just find out this evening? I'm assuming they are sending the acceptances at random times?
  4. It really has. Hoping for the best but i wish there was more clarification about everything.
  5. Anyone hear anything recently? I'm so anxious to hear something.
  6. Congratulations!! Is this a good sign for the waitlist if we are early in to Tier 2 this year?
  7. Has anyone heard anything about the waitlist movement? Sorry for repeating the same question but I was wondering if the waitlist will start to move now as i believe today was last day to accept for IP applicants?
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