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  1. I don't feel comfortable with that. I can tell you though that it's in the first page that comes up when you log in, the Dashboard, in the lower left part of the screen under Academics. It says Degree Registration Status and under that, PT 2020-2021 Invited Hope that helps. As some people said, if you don't see it, don't worry. We don't really know how they're updating these things.
  2. Of course. My overall is 3.93 and sgpa 3.92 But, this is my second time applying and last year I didn't even get past casper, even with the same gpa. I believe that this last year has helped me grow a lot, do some introspection on what I want and, in turn, how to get there. I read books (highly recommend Growth mindset by Dweck), got a job as a personal trainer, and volunteered at 2 hospitals. So, even though gpa is important, it only opens the door.
  3. Thanks! Maybe you're right. I was freaking out because I could see it but no one was commenting about it on the forum. Still, I don't fully trust it so I'm waiting for Friday.
  4. Well, I don't understand. I applied last year but I didn't get in. I also applied to the Master of Ex. Science but also didn't get in this year. I don't see how that would give me access to ACORN. Don't know.
  5. I got it on April 27th 6pm. Maybe that helps. With the subject: Important: Your UofT JOINid
  6. I've checked on McMaster and Western and nothing yet. Don't know how to check on Queens.
  7. I got an email weeks ago about how to log into my ACORN. You need your student number and orpas number. There's also some comments from a couple of weeks ago about this and from last year's thread as well.
  8. Hey there, I see on my ACORN that it says invited. I think that means I got in. Anyone else? I applied to PT and I'm not a UofT alumni.
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