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  1. The video did say to live like a resident in the first few yrs of being staff - is that what you did to pay it off so fast? Buckle down and pay it off Were you in a Family med residency or 5 year residency? Thanks for your response!
  2. In the video, they presented the data of 600k on the high end of student debt - how did you get to that level of debt if you don't mind me asking? did you buy a house? I agree, I knew I was probably going to have debt coming out of med but didn't know it would be SO high!
  3. I am wondering the same thing too? Also does everyone do research in the summers or are there people who is able to find something paid that is not research? For CAMH, they do take med students, I've worked with one before
  4. Recently the Community of support program at my school sent out this video that I thought was pretty helpful, especially the breakdown of costs in med school so I thought I'd share. Just curious, if I don't have parental support for med school, is it possible to graduate without having to dip into the LOC at all? Like if I only used OSAP, grants/scholarships/part time jobs etc... just want to make sure I don't end up $100K in debt at the end of all this. Are there usually a lot of scholarship/grant opportunities offered to med students? Thanks for your input!
  5. With the large group classes being postponed in the fall, I'm not sure whether I should find a rental downtown or live with family in Richmond Hill (it's far but still commutable) What are people doing? Are you going to look for Toronto housing or wait to move until in person classes resume?
  6. Clinical skills seems to make more sense to be in person but I think even CBL can be done online
  7. If my regular checking account is with TD but I would like to get the RBC LOC, do I need to keep a minimal balance in the RBC chequing account to get the whole package (including the credit card)?
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