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  1. Western has "waitlist offer" and "waitlist accepted" - can't say I know the difference
  2. Haven't received anything from Queens yet, waitlisted at Western!
  3. I wouldn't say that! We won't know until tonight so don't give up hope! Acorn can be glitchy, there's still a chance
  4. Just asked ORPAS, I applied for OT, but they said it really depends on when the schools send in their offer files - they can start appearing as early as midnight but continue to appear throughout the day - so I guess any time on the 29th! Hope this helps
  5. Hey guys, Also a recent graduate from UofT. I haven't seen any update on my Acorn yet! Sometimes Acorn can be glitchy, so don't worry yet if you haven't seen any 'invites'. We won't officially know until Friday!
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