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  1. I’m not sure of his exact breakdown but he scored an overall 512, I do not believe it’s bad but I think considering his gpa he isn’t considering it a good score! Thank you and will do. He’s starting nursing school with me this fall
  2. Hi guys! Asking for a friend who doesn’t have an account. He performed terribly on the other sections of the mcat and was wondering if it was worth applying this cycle? He’s going into his fourth year of undergrad
  3. Thank you so much for taking the tome to reply. I will definitely focus on keeping my grades up for these next two years. If medicine is right for me, then hopefully I can gain the strength to pursue it as time goes on. Thank you again
  4. Have I given up too soon? I’m a 21 year old student about to enter a 2 year nursing program after three years of undergrad. I have a 3.5 gpa and have long given up on medical school. The problem is, it was my lifelong dream and when I still wanted it my grades were excellent. After a depressive episode in my second year, I told myself my depression was because of my drive and gave up pretty much everything and did the bare minimum in school to achieve low As and High Bs. I recently discovered that I have a condition called premenstrual dysphoric disorder and am being treated for it. Untreated PMDD was most likely the cause of my breakdown I realize that medical school is absurdly competitive. I have decided to pursue nursing because I still love many aspects of it and patient care. But I all I ever wanted was to be a family physician and I feel so sad when I see other people on social media getting in, knowing it will never be me. Sorry for the essay, but what I’m really trying to ask is whether or not I gave up too soon? Is my mental illness going to stop me? Do I still even have a chance? I know these are questions no one can really answer but I guess I just needed to put my thoughts out there.
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