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  1. I wanted to bump this back up if any applicants now applying want to reach out to myself or others who want to support!
  2. Looking at earlier posts on this thread, I feel you can see the calibre of inclusivity amongst students and current applicants – some folks that get it because they are queer people and fight to be represented, and others that don’t know their own privilege and speak from uninformed platforms of being cis-hetero individuals (which becomes infuriating). I would hope some folks unlearn harmful behaviours and language before they enter medicine, but also learn through an intersectional lens of understanding Indigenous issues, race issues, queer issues and other barriers and disparities in healthcare. The sad part of all of this is that the newer (younger) Faculty Leads are trying to change how queer, two-spirit, trans and non-binary inclusive medicine is taught, but their work is erased by other “distinguished” faculty that continue to teach archaic rhetoric. The students host events that invite Faculty to attend. There hasn’t been a dedicated Faculty or community mentor for a bit, to my understanding, but the mentors that do show up are willing and able to support queer students. But it almost feels as we are hiding in the shadows, as the Faculty of Medicine does very little to support these efforts publicly and not in a performative manner. There isn’t anyone who identifies as a queer person of colour on the Admin or Board that is really championing these efforts.
  3. I think OP you can tell by the tone of this post is that there are quite a few people in the class (and applicants by this standard), that should be called out for their heteronormativity and comments/remarks that are made. From a current student’s perspective: The profs are pretty heteronormative and binary in their approach to teaching. A student-run queer mentorship group does exist, but it’s a lot of white queer folks and there isn’t a dedicated physician mentor that lead it (unlike the other mentorship groups). There aren’t really many queer Black, Indigenous, or people of colour in the program. The faculty has not acknowledged Pride month or many queer things, it really ‘leaves that up to the students’. There aren’t many queer lecturers or staff. BUT there are some lecturers that do a better job of being inclusive to the spectrum of gender and sexual orientation. Unfortunately this gets diluted out by the problematic and cisgender approach to teaching medicine.
  4. For those who are starting MD2024, there’s an LGBTQ2S+ Mentorship Group (student-run with invited Physician mentors) that you’ll be able to join. It is a confidential space for participants and you’re able to connect with other queer folk in medicine. (You should get the details in August)
  5. If you self-identify as a BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ and want some help with your UBC Med application for the 2020-2021 cycle, PLEASE PM me! I’m a medical student and want to help folks who may be using this forum and aren’t able to access other resources. I am willing to offer help *for free*. I can help with your NAQ and/or answer any questions you may have about your application. If you aren’t a BIPOC, but self-identify as trans* or non-binary/gender-diverse, please reach out as well!! The reason why I’m doing this is that LGBTQ2S+ BIPOC are not represented in medicine and face intersectional barriers that their peers don’t. This is my way to help others who may not have the resources for application support. There were only 7 trans/non-binary applicants out of 2398 in the 2018/2019 cycle, and only 1 was accepted/matriculated to UBC in the 2023 and 2021 years. All communication can be through confidential and private means (if you’d like).
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