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  1. thank you for making this thread. i honestly relate to it so much. just a quick note- there is a difference between wanting something and earning it and those who earn it should feel no guilt over reaching that goal over those who "want" it more
  2. just wondering - are MCQ exam questions on the midterm/final "board" style just like the progress test questions?
  3. heard a little rumour that term 1 will be formative (i.e. no grade required to pass) for Y1 and Y2. does anyone know more about this or is it just speculation at this point?
  4. prospero is a database/registry of prospective protocols for SRs. everything submitted that meets their basic criteria is publicly posted. this would not count as a publication.
  5. hi there! feel free to DM just click on my profile and select 'message'
  6. hi! i actually made a LinkedIn recently due to sheer boredom. would you mind elaborating on how you have used it / how it's been helpful throughout med school etc.? thank you !
  7. this is a great idea! i'm an incoming first year at VFMP who identifies as an LGBTQ2S+ PoC. would love to help out any similar folk out there with applications for UBC or Ontario!! feel free to DM
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