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  1. I am! It's torture...but a very low level, drawn out pain lol
  2. Totally agree. It's been mentally exhausting essentially having been waiting since Oct 1st. I do wish admissions offices across the board could be a little more communicative (*ahem* Canmeds) to ease our nerves a little bit during this whole process. I am guessing maybe they are scared the situation may be unstable due to Covid, and just hanging onto the waitlist a bit longer than normal as a safety net. Still, an update would be nice.
  3. Anyone know what their policy change history has been recently? I know they've made small changes here and there over the years but I can't seem to find a record/report of them.
  4. I'm under the impression that if somebody defers, that spot does not go to somebody else? Not 100% sure though, I know this is how it works at some other schools
  5. I didn't know that Queen's released this info! Did they release the cutoffs on their website?
  6. Nope - a lot of people were asking this question and I felt that they dodged it. The dean said that this change made the admissions more equitable and benefits people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and people who have not had opportunities (???) People were basically asking like "uhmmm how so?" but they did not elaborate. It was really frustrating to watch this to be honest.
  7. Okay guys, not any real information was released. Regarding the Phase 3 changes, they did not say much except that they are "exciting" and "looking forward to it" One panelist hinted that ABS, essays, and reference letters would have some changes. They will be announced in OCTOBER 2020.
  8. Hey guys, I'm on the webinar now. It's a private zoom link and you need to enter your registration info and password upon entering, so I don't think it would be prudent to post it here. @goldenelephant I will ask your question Also, gotta say, so far, they have not answered any sort of the questions we are hoping to get answered here. No mention of wGPA changes, Phase 3, etc. They are heavily filtering the questions and pretty much only answering surface questions. EDIT: Now they are talking about the changes
  9. Nothing yet either. There's gonna be a big wave of rejections very soon I think. Honestly guys, we came so close. Thanks for the company to everyone here:)
  10. Actually, in my case under the new guidelines, the lowest 2.0 FCEs that are dropped would be CR/NCR courses. This was due to the 2015 TA strike at my school and we had no choice but to be on a pass/fail. So I really needed those few extra FCEs to drop my lowest marks. I guess what I'm saying is that, depending on your situation, it can really disproportionately affect some people.
  11. I hope so, but I have my doubts. I'm not sure that they would create two separate categories? The only way to know is to ask them
  12. I believe it's for everyone since they said "In addition to how we count the Winter 2020 grades, we would like to introduce the following changes" Honestly, I feel so gutted because these are so arbitrary. I was waitlisted this year so I was looking forward to reapplying and improving. I will try to send the office an email highlighting the situation. Hopefully they can take some of our stories into account
  13. I am so so so disappointed by this. I finished UG a few years ago so my grades are all finalized. This drops me from the 3.8's to the 3.7's which basically guarantees I won't be invited for an interview. How does this level the playing field for applicants AT ALL?
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