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  1. Under “my academics” and “my program” it says masters of science in OT. Im assuming thats what you mean as a registered status?
  2. When did you receive emails? Are you talking about the one they sent when we first got admission offers?
  3. Has anyone who will be attending Queens for OT received their unconditional offer letter yet or informations about registration. We sent over our final transcripts to ORPAS a while ago so I was wondering what is taking so long
  4. Oh I wasnt talking about admission, I got accepted. I was asking if anyone who was also accepted heard about next steps regarding registration.
  5. For those of you who are entering the OT program at Queens, have you heard anything about registration yet? I have not.
  6. If anyone is still stressing about their status not changing from provisional to firm, I just spoke with an ORPAS agent and they said if you provisionally accepted before the deadline ( june 12) then your spot in the program is secure. They said the department that is responsible for adjusting the status for those that provisionally accepted will be doing it soon. So no worries!
  7. Im pretty sure you do but it just takes some time to update on ORPAS
  8. Mine still says provisionally accepted but it is after 11:59pm
  9. hey everyone does provisional acceptance just automatically become firm on its own tonight
  10. Queens normally accepts 68 students but they mentioned in their open house zoom meeting that they only gave out 50 offers this round.
  11. Hey everyone, if I provisionally accepted an offer before midnight yesterday does that mean I responded to the offer before the deadline? Just making sure It is not only firmly accepting an offer that meets the deadline.
  12. You only get removed from a waitlist if you accept another school that is for the same program. So since you accepted and offer for OT it will not impact your waitlist position for PT.
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