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  1. I am a successful medical school applicant that will be attending medical school this fall! This past cycle, I received 11 interview invitations from US medical schools (three from top 20 schools), and 5 from Canadian medical schools. I am offering editing/proofreading services for medical school applications. Such services include but are not limited to: - a full and detailed medical school application review - editing personal statement essays and secondary essays - editing activity descriptions/OMSAS autobiographical sketch - CASPer study guide - interview preparation study guide (MMI, traditional one-on-one, panel interview styles) Payments will be through e-transfer. Please contact me (medconsulting7@gmail.com) for an affordable rate!
  2. I would say that US med schools care a lot about research involvement, so it's great that you have papers (let alone two first author papers in reputable journals)! What do your science and cumulative AMCAS GPAs look like for your undergrad?
  3. I’m an incoming medical student at a top 10 medical school in the US! I applied to both US and Canadian medical schools. I received 11 interviews from US schools, and 5 from Canadian schools (UofT, UBC, Queens, Ottawa, McGill). With extensive experience editing and proofreading university and medical school application essays, I’m happy to extend my services to help aspiring med students. Such services include: - editing personal statements (with detailed explanations and suggestions) and secondaries - editing activity descriptions/OMSAS autobiographical (ABS) sketch My edits involve thorough and detailed comments that will give you concrete advice on how to improve your writing. As I go through your essays line-by-line, I will help with: grammar/syntax, big picture ideas, organization, transitions, and coherency. Importantly, I will help you make sure that your ideas are expressed uniquely (and not in a cliche way), and that your essay clearly highlights your suitability for medicine to the admissions committee! ESSAY EDITING: Please email (medconsulting7@gmail.com) for an affordable rate! Payments will be through e transfer. I've helped several medical school applicants craft strong and memorable essays, and hope to help you do the same Email if interested: medconsulting7@gmail.com
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