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    hopefullyme reacted to 24KaratPureAu in UBC MCAT Deadline   
    It is now. Check the admission's blog. All testing dates this year accepted for this application cycle. 
    Which other school has changed MCAT deadlines? 
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    hopefullyme reacted to bruh in UofT Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected 2020   
    Result: ACCEPTED (St. George)
    Timestamp: 9:22 AM. Offer was up on OMSAS at ~7:30 AM
    wGPA/cGPA: 3.60 cGPA!! (ineligible for wGPA, submitted AEE - wGPA would be 3.91)
    MCAT: 510 (3 attempts: first attempt was 494)
    ECs: I think my extracurriculars are on the weak side for UofT. I have no publications and just some casual volunteering in a lab. I was the president of a club and did volunteering at several hospitals. I have a lot of leadership experiences and have some experience working with indigenous populations. 
    Essays: I wrote my essays the night before they were due! I am a strong writer though and have helped many people proofread their essays. I think this is what got me the interview since my GPA is so low and I have weak research. I wrote the essays like a story and made them quite emotional and personal.
    Interview: I felt pretty cringe about it. I literally struggled to watch my videos after. Even then, I think I was pretty comfortable during the interview and spoke clearly and confidently. I feel like I rambled a bit and should have cut my answers shorter. It looks like I was good enough though. 
    In-person or Virtual: Virtual
    Year: Finished UG in 2016
    I wrote a similar post when I got an interview to UofT despite my weaker GPA and EC's to hopefully inspire some of you. I am so happy that I can now officially share this success with all of you. PM101 has been a helpful community to me. I have met friends through here and everyone has inspired me to not give up. I want to do the same for anyone out there who didn't get in. As someone who was rejected for 2 cycles, I know how crushing it is to not succeed. You put all that hard work, and you know you deserve this victory, but it still wasn't enough. I have been there, and it just straight up sucks. But it's so damn worth it when that success finally arrives. As someone who has a 3.6 cGPA and got a 494 on their first MCAT, I can tell you that if this is your dream, you will achieve it. If you want this bad enough, you will get it. So don't stop. Don't give up.
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    hopefullyme reacted to TheFlyGuy in Changes to Who is Considered a Grad Applicant?   
    The new guidelines (as of last cycle I believe?) changed in that the grad pool became defined on your degree status rather than research output. So yes, the grad bonus now applies to all those who have completed a course-based masters now!
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    hopefullyme reacted to Neurophiliac in Interview Invites/Regrets (2019-2020)   
    Congrats to everyone who got an interview invitation!!  It's an incredible achievement to have made this step, so you guys should all be proud of yourselves

    I just wanted to say that the resources from last year's FB group that I organized is definitely available if you're interested.  Feel free to join via the following link:
    Once you join, click on "Files" tab on the left and feel free to download all the questions (PDF files) the interviewees last year made and practiced.
    Good luck and looking forward to seeing you guys during the interview weekends in February!
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    hopefullyme reacted to offmychestplease in Has anyone gotten into UBC with a low MCAT?   
    someone got in this year IP with a 503
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    hopefullyme reacted to HongHongHong in Has anyone gotten into UBC with a low MCAT?   
    @hopefullyme I think the people who get in with a low MCAT have stronger GPAs that balance that out. To be honest, however: an MCAT sitting versus finals season both involve very similar elements (taking a test under pressure). Unlike finals, an MCAT can be retaken many times without penalization from UBC, so in my mind, an MCAT is more practical to do well on because it's simply something that can be retaken as many times as needed. 
    @offmychestplease did mention that there was someone who got in with a 503, I'd be very interested to see their other stats to see how they balanced out the weakness in their MCAT. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I've heard from some people who haven't gotten in and attribute it to their weak MCAT. So unless the rest of your application glows, the MCAT requires the least amount of time to improve (~3 months during the summer vs 1+ additional year of classes vs 1+ year of "long-term" extracurriculars), I would say: improve it.
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    hopefullyme reacted to Pterygoid in Has anyone gotten into UBC with a low MCAT?   
    Another factor seems to be whether you enrolled and did well in their 'strongly recommended' science courses.
    "Courses in biology, chemistry and biochemistry are strongly recommended but are not required for application. All applicants are expected to demonstrate proficiency in these areas through coursework and/or MCAT scores."
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    hopefullyme reacted to Anon123456 in Has anyone gotten into UBC with a low MCAT?   
    @hopefullyme I've never posted on here before, but I had very similar worries while applying and thought I could provide a little hope. I'm IP and was just accepted this year (on my 2nd application) with a 506 MCAT (128 CARS). I'm not really sure what my GPA was, because I did an exchange semester and did a MSc at universities with different scales, but my cGPA for undergrad (minus my exchange) was around 3.7 on a 4.3 scale, with a strong upward trend. During my first application cycle, my AQ score was ~25. I have always thought of my extracurriculars as my biggest strength, and am very aware that my academics are below the average accepted applicant. However, I also truly believe that, once a certain academic threshold is met, the personality, values, and experiences of an applicant are WAY more important and indicative of a good clinician. For my 2nd application, I completely rewrote my extracurriculars, which I think got me an interview, and I felt really good about the interview. I know it can be daunting, and I was fully prepared to re-write the MCAT (because mine expires this summer), but if this is your dream career, I'm proof that a bad MCAT doesn't necessariy preclude you from acceptance (with a ton of luck involved!). Good luck, and I hope this helps! 
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    hopefullyme reacted to Medddddd in Has anyone gotten into UBC with a low MCAT?   
    I did :)))) IP applicant 3.75-3.8 ish gpa and 507 (I can;t remember if its 507 or 508 lol) MCAT. Had good ECs but honestly nothing crazy. Dont give up!!
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    hopefullyme reacted to popfossa in Has anyone gotten into UBC with a low MCAT?   
    I got in off the waitlist OOP with a 504 (125 CARS)! So there is definitely hope if you have a low MCAT score. In terms of reference my GPA was 92% and I had a good variety of ECs. 
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    hopefullyme reacted to Ginny Midgeon in Has anyone gotten into UBC with a low MCAT?   
    IP here. I got in this year with a 505 MCAT and 83% aGPA. My NAQ definitely carried me. 
    So it's possible to get in with a low MCAT (and low GPA, too)!
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    hopefullyme reacted to aldywood in Regrets with Above Average Interview   
    I wrote last summer and am from a non-science background. I took chemistry, biology and biochemistry as MOOC courses through edx.org (the MITx courses) - they are free but I paid for the certificate to keep me accountable and on track. The biochemistry With Professor Yaffe was incredibly useful. All of it was on the MCAT. There are some cerego flash cards in the Course resources that help master the amino acids which is so important for the MCAT (full name, 3 letter code, single letter code and structure). I also used khan academy a fair bit. I heard about uworld too late but many people rave about it. 
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    hopefullyme reacted to technologymed in Regrets with Above Average Interview   
    I wrote the MCAT 2 years ago with this approach, Kaplan books and Khan Academy. I also had less MCAT science knowledge than most (1 chem course and 1st year physics as part of my degree). I would also recommend purchasing AAMC practice questions for CARS. Doing lots of practice there is what I attribute to a competitive CARS score.
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    hopefullyme got a reaction from frenchpress in Fellow arts students?   
    I'm a non-trad applying as well, with very little science exposure. Would love to know more about the approach you took and the tools you used. Pm'ing you if that's okay!
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