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  1. Yep! That's totally okay. Here's a quote from UofT's website - from my knowledge all Ontario schools (idk about Ottawa) require 1 academic and 1 professional reference. Dalhousie requires 2 academic + 1 professional. "We require one academic reference and one professional reference. Both referees should be individuals who can address your aptitude for studies in a health profession. Referees should also have direct knowledge of the applicant and should be in a position to reasonably make statements concerning the applicant’s character, communication and academic capabilities, and special circumstances if applicable. Additionally, the academic reference must be from the university level, such as a professor or course instructor. A common example of a professional reference is a supervisor in either a volunteer or employment setting." I believe they must also hold a position in the university, such that they must be a professor or course instructor. So for example your supervisor would count, but a masters student or post doc fellow in your lab would not. I would recommend that you try and build a great relationship with them as much as you can! They should be able to speak to all of your skills. Make sure you have/make opportunities where you can showcase those with your prof
  2. I'm in the Western vs Mcmaster boat. A couple people I've known from the Mcmaster PT program don't have overly positive things to say, but older (4-10 yrs) Mac PT alumni seem super competent, ethical, and compassionate and seem to all say any school will yield a good experience. I've only heard good things about the western program. Faculty is amazing, hybrid style lectures, strong ortho background. London area is not ideal for my personal preferences though if you're from the area I understand how it's perfect! Location is my biggest gripe,and having to be away from my support system during this state of things. If anyone can speak to each program, please feel free to share.
  3. Applied + (PT or OT?): PT only Accepted: McMaster (final offer on mosaic/email/orpas), Western(email/student portal/orpas), Queens(orpas only)Waitlisted:Rejected: UofT (?)GPA: cpga of 3.78 and sgpa of 3.81Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: thought my UofT interview was strongest, but haven't heard anything back on ORPAS/email which I think I will presume as a rejection. It's my second year applying and last year I got accepted to 0/4 schools (with a sgpa of 3.78 so only a 0.03 difference in GPA this year, but my applications felt way stronger). McMaster interview was so-so for me, with strong and weak points. I thought my Queens and Western supplementary applications were strong, but I'm not too familiar with the schools acceptance process so I felt like it was really up in the air! References wise, one was a professor who I knew not super well considering she was my thesis supervisor, but well enough. We had a positive relationship and I had taken a seminar course of hers prior to my thesis, so she was familiar with me. Didn't think our relationship was superb, but she would leave me a decent reference. My professional reference is a personal physio mentor of mine who I really look up to and I believe left me a very strong reference! He treated me as an athlete and was the first person to truly open my eyes to the power of physiotherapy and introduce me to the world of rehab! In my personal experiences, I had a lot to pull from. Working as a personal trainer, volunteering with MS exercise programs, working as a 1:1 counsellor for children with autism, being an injured athlete, job shadowing in acute care, and working and liasing with physicians, nurses, and RTs in a hospital, and instructing exercise classes to seniors in my local community. These things all look great on paper, but I think the game changer for me was being able to succintly pull from these experiences how I was able to develop leadership, communication, collaboration, and related them to the essential PT competencies. For anyone reading this who also got accepted, my biggest congratulations to you! For anyone reading this who did not get accepted, I don't know what/how you feel, but I know how I felt last year. I would say to myself to keep your head up, enjoy the next year as much as you can, and continue to grow. Your worth is not measured by whether or not a program accepts you. P.S. last year, I got all my rejection emails in my personal email at 8:30am EST
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